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If America is great again, why am I so sad?

Here’s what readers had to say in Monday’s letters to the editor.

If we’re great, why am I sad?

Bedrock principles should be protected | Editorial, Oct. 11

With all that is going on to Make America Great Again, I keep asking myself why I’m feeling so unhappy? Maybe it is the constant challenge to the rule of law and obstructionism that has me wanting, and left Congress impotent to procure requested documents or get witnesses to testify. The apparent hypocrisy of lawmakers that flip positions when convenient leaves me wondering if anyone, other than the late Sen. John McCain, has a moral compass. Seeing Rudy Giuliani seemingly admit to nothing and then everything, all in the same conversation, makes my head spin. Maybe it is the status quo with respect to passing sensible gun legislation, resolving immigration issues and settling the never-ending trade wars with the world that gets me down. Lately I’m blue over throwing our Kurdish allies under the bus and then inviting the aggressor to the White House as if it didn’t happen. Trying to make sense of our government’s actions and missteps is leaving me feeling hollow, angry and ashamed. I guess, more and more, impeachment seems to be our only way out.

Karl Olander, Indian Shores

Trump predicted the future

Bedrock principles should be protected | Editorial, Oct. 11

Donald Trump’s infamous boast during the 2016 presidential campaign about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue and not being held accountable is no longer just whimsical bombast. The parallels between apparent extortion by Trump of the Ukraine government and the campaign rally cry are undeniable, but will bragging about getting away with it hold up?

A sitting president privately inviting a foreign government to interfere in our democratic process is an impeachable offense, not to mention unprecedented. What would also be unprecedented is an impeachment trial where the Senate is controlled by the same party as the president. If the Republican majority moves to dismiss the charges, the so-called nuclear option, or allows the trial to proceed as the framers intended, the outcome is likely to be the same — no conviction. Prognostication realized.

Jim Paladino, Tampa

Thanks for a great season

The ride is over | Oct. 11

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Brendan McKay (49), followed by catcher Travis d'Arnaud (37), prepares to leave the dugout and head down the tunnel after the final out in a 6-1 loss to the Houston Astros in Game 5 of ALDS at Minute Maid Park on Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019 in Houston. [DIRK SHADD | Tampa Bay Times]

To Tampa Bay Rays’ manager Kevin Cash and the most interesting, fun, inspiring team in baseball: Thank you for a season to treasure. With the smallest payroll, lowest attendance, and least-loved stadium, you gave us 99 wins and incomparable excitement. No matter what happens with franchise squabbles and contract negotiations, all your fans will remember the 2019 season as a true gem.

Susan Burnore, St. Petersburg

Trump was wrong this time

Thousands flee Turkish assault in Syria | Oct. 11

Syrian Kurdish fighters of Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army enter Turkey from Syria to join fighting alongside Turkish forces against US-backed Kurds, in Syria, Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. [UGUR CAN | AP]

I have to admit that I am a supporter of President Donald Trump. That being said, I feel that the president has made a big mistake in Syria. He wanted to bring troops home. Good. He believed Turkey. Not good. They hate the Kurds. If we went back to provide assistance to the Kurds how could they believe us? This is going to turn into a bloodbath for both sides. The Turks are free to kill as many Kurds as they can find. The Kurds will follow up with car bombs against civilians. The president should immediately place sanctions on Turkey as he threatened to do.

Wayne Parlow, Ridge Manor