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Once again, Tallahassee is not listening to us voters

Here’s what readers had to say in Wednesday’s letters to the editor.
Florida's toll roads
Published Nov. 12

We don’t want or need these roads

Toll road plans to get more scrutiny | Nov. 12

Florida has a Department of Transportation that works full time to explore possibilities for putting up roads. Thomas Hawkins, a member of the toll road task force, said it best of all: “We need to talk about the demand for people to pay tolls, right? What is projected revenue and what are projected costs?” Now, we have Sen. Bill Galvano (who may be the president of the Senate but is not a road expert) telling everyone we need three toll roads — without any studies, background checks, needs checks, cost checks, etc. He just wants the roads built even though the rural areas do not want these roads to ruin their areas and even though Georgia doesn’t even know “we are coming.” We will destroy the environment, we will destroy natural habitat, and we will destroy animal migrating paths. But even though we do not want them, we will have these roads because Bill Galvano wants them.

The State Legislature is not listening to us, the voters. Five years ago, by a vote of about 75 percent, we passed Amendment 1 to bring back guaranteed funding for the Florida Forever Program. To this day the Legislature has not properly funded it. Then last year, we voted for Amendment 4 to allow minor felons to vote. Not so fast, said the Legislature. They need to pay all costs, etc., before they can vote. Shades of Jim Crow. That is how far we have come. We need to elect a Legislature that is willing to listen to us, the voters.

Margaret Hyde, Clearwater

Consider other pet adoptions

Thousands apply to adopt puppies | Nov. 12

Chief Veterinarian, Mallory Offner, examines a female puppy rescued from inadequate breeding conditions, at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. [MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times]

Surely I am not the only reader to shake my head and wonder what is wrong with this picture? Thousands willing to stand in line and pay $300 and $450 for these rescued puppies? While it is wonderful that these puppies will all hopefully find good homes, I cannot understand why these people don’t visit the Humane Society and many shelters and adoption expos constantly being held in our area. The foster parents you see at places like PetSmart on the weekends are angels. They freely give of their time, and many have several pets at one time. The cost to adopt is minimal compared to the prices above. We have adopted three kittens from St. Francis, an animal rescue organization. So, I say to the people who won’t be able to adopt one of the rescued puppies — please consider going to the Humane Society, SPCA or return to the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center to find a new member of your family. These places break your heart seeing some of the animals that have been there for years. And always remember, have your pet spayed or neutered. Unconditional love is priceless.

Margaret Lowe, Riverview

Puppies, let’s see your papers

Service dog certification

When are we going to require documentation for service dogs in all of these grocery stores, restaurants and other eating establishments? Am I alone in my thinking on this subject? This is an epidemic we need to get under control.

Norma Borger, Weeki Wachi

Searching for different things

It will still be impeachment | Robinson column, Nov. 12

It seems like this impeachment inquiry is about Democrats trying to find out who broke the law, and Republicans wanting to know who ratted them out.

Stephan Fugleberg, Tampa


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