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  1. Opinion

One reader’s political transformation from red to blue

Here’s what readers had to say in Monday’s letters to the editor.

Why I went from being a red voter to a blue one

Leaving electorate roots

Our 45th president is the reason I finally paid attention. By virtue of my roots, I registered red. I never stopped to consider it. I listened to the news stories but seldom internalized them. I was a Cuban immigrant, it was expected. Then life got busy. I cast my ballot with the suggestions of those who paid attention. Shameful. One day in disgust, I asked Dad for forgiveness and changed to blue. Maybe it was because of him, No. 45, I mean. Searching my soul, I discovered that I was blue inside; the official change was sudden, but the convictions had evolved imperceptibly over time. For all I know, it was maturity, experience, travel or tolerance in the face of intolerance, empathy in the face of malevolence, wisdom in the presence of a foolish leader. Perhaps I had heard about one too many mass shootings, denials of climate change, loving family members with alternative lifestyles and the plight of immigrants who were not as fortunate as I had been. Regardless the reason, I came to be blue, and I am home now.

Rebeca Zambrano, Tampa

Take care of the neediest

Medicaid inaction costs lives | Nov. 15

This article brought tears to my eyes. We are the richest country in the world and we can’t take care of our most vulnerable citizens. Shame on us. Under the leadership of Sen. Rick Scott, we were not able to help these people. Maybe Florida can do better with Gov. Ron DeSantis. If not, we should vote him out of office. What happened to compassion and love thy neighbor?

Marilyn Satinoff, Palm Harbor

I ran out of thoughts, prayers

Student opens fire in Calif. school, killing 2 | Nov. 15

People hug each other during a vigil for the Saugus High School shooting victims at Central Park, Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, in Santa Clarita, Calif. Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials say a 16-year-old student shot several classmates and then himself in a quad area of Saugus High School Thursday morning. [ HANS GUTKNECHT | AP ]

So there was another school shooting in California that claimed the lives of students. The story appeared deep inside the news section. I guess that means that we as a country are completely anesthetized to children being shot down. Myself, I ran out of thoughts and prayers long ago.

John Ways, South Pasadena

What of future presidents?

Impeachment inquiry

In this Aug. 9, 1974 photo, President Richard Nixon waves goodbye from the steps of his helicopter outside the White House, after he gave a farewell address to members of the White House staff. [ CHICK HARRITY | AP ]

I know how serious impeachment is. It cost Richard Nixon his job and, with his pardon of Nixon, probably cost Gerald Ford his. It rocked a nation. But without the ability to impeach, the first article of our Constitution, which gives Congress ultimate power of oversight, is meaningless. It is important to get rid of a president who has committed a “high crime or misdemeanor” for two major reasons: (1) punishment for offense, and (2) a check on abuse of power, so it does not recur. In the present situation, all facts prove guilt. There was bribery, an abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. If Republican senators fail to convict and remove, they become absolutely responsible for presidential behavior in the future. Oversight is finished, and the president is above the law. The American experiment is over.

Robert Clifford, Tarpon Springs

Same action, different reason

If Joe Biden weren’t running for the Democratic nomination, would it’ve been okay for President Donald Trump to have done what he is being accused of?

James Molloy, Pinellas Park