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Florida’s poor deserve good medical coverage

Here’s what readers had to say in Thursday’s letters to the editor.
Kamalah Fletcher wears a medical mask over her face saying "No Coverage = Death" during a 2015 demonstration in Miami calling for Florida lawmakers to agree to Medicaid expansion. [LYNNE SLADKY  |  AP]
Kamalah Fletcher wears a medical mask over her face saying "No Coverage = Death" during a 2015 demonstration in Miami calling for Florida lawmakers to agree to Medicaid expansion. [LYNNE SLADKY | AP]
Published Nov. 20
Updated Nov. 20

The poor deserve medical care

Medicaid inaction costs lives | Nov. 15

It has always been curious to me why Republican legislators have been so against the good people of Florida having access to medical care through an expansion of Medicaid even when, or maybe especially when, the federal government would help pay for the costs.

And now, even when research shows that Florida has the second-highest number of deaths (about 700 people a year) attributed to not expanding Medicaid, Republican legislators are against this expansion.

If there were a highway in Florida where 700 people died every year, we would not say, “Oh, that’s okay. Those people deserve to die because they didn’t make enough money to drive on a good road. We don’t have to do anything about that.”

State Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Fernandina Beach, said, “You can get a study to say anything,” as a way to dismiss the scientific evidence. I challenge Sen. Bean to gather his own evidence by visiting the families of the people who died due to lack of medical care because they had no insurance. Ask them what they think of the Republican-controlled Legislature’s blocking of the extension of medical care to their loved ones.

Cecilia Yocum, Tampa

A baseball team for Florida

Orlando appears ready to push for an MLB team | Nov. 20

While it may make sense for the Tampa Bay Rays to relocate to Orlando, perhaps another idea has some merit: I have been saying for years that the best solution to low attendance in Florida is to combine the Rays and the Miami Marlins. Then, the Florida XYZ’s could play 27 home games in Tampa Bay, 27 in Miami and 27 in the new stadium in Orlando, and Montreal can get an expansion team. The Florida team would probably draw more than 20,000 per game, a big improvement over current figures.

P.J. Jaccoi, Sun City Center

I don’t want to run you over

Pedestrian killed crossing U.S. 19 | Nov. 16

Vehicle traffic is seen along Bayshore Boulevard at a crosswalk at South Dakota Avenue in Tampa. [CHRIS URSO | Times]

This is to all pedestrians everywhere: I’ve come close to hitting you when you don’t cross at the crosswalk. You dart across in the middle of the street wearing dark clothes at night.

You step into the street with your eyes on your phone and never once look my way. You assume I will see you. I am watching for you constantly, but I need for you to watch for me also. It’s hard to stop a 3,000-pound car instantly. Please! I want you to get home safely.

Geraldine Grzeslo, Largo

Anything could happen

Words unite, divide in newspaper fight | Nov. 20

Citrus County residents attend a meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Citrus County on Tuesday, November 19, 2019, at the Citrus County Courthouse in Inverness where the Citrus County Commission is expected to render a decision on whether to get digital subscriptions for the New York Times for all 70,000 of the county library cardholders. [DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD | TImes]

Well, if we let the New York Times into Citrus County, what radical publication will be next? Perish the thought! It could be the Tampa Bay Times!

Betsy Clement, Dunedin

Fix corruption at home first

Long day of tangled threads | Nov. 20

Every night I sit here watching the news and hear the Republicans going on about corruption in Ukraine. I think they should be paying more attention to the corruption here in the government of the United States. Let’s clean our own house first, okay?

Paul Chan, St. Petersburg


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