Florida cannot environmentally afford more toll roads
Here’s what readers have to say in Monday’s letters.

More toll roads wrong direction for this state

We need toll roads | Letter, Jan. 4

Numerous studies show more roads attract more cars. Other studies conclude that the burning of fossil fuels contribute to the melting of ice in the north and south hemispheres. If more roads mean more cars, more cars mean more burning of fossil fuel, more burning of fossil fuel means more ice melting, more ice melting means higher ocean levels, higher ocean levels means that large portions of Florida will disappear because most of Florida is barely above sea level.

The facts show this state cannot environmentally afford more toll roads and expanded interstate highways. However, Floridians can alleviate its car induced environment problem and provide more affordable housing in our cities by building up instead of out and replacing useless decorative lawns requiring vast quantities of water and poisonous fertilizer with neighborhood parks. That also makes it easier to provide efficient public transportation.

Howard F. Harris Jr., Tampa

Can’t get there from here

Tampa Bay Rays and transit

Tropicana Field, the home of the Tampa Bay Rays
Tropicana Field, the home of the Tampa Bay Rays [ SHADD, DIRK | Tampa Bay Times ]

I lived in the Philadelphia area for 20 years, and I was a season ticketholder to the Phillies for most of that time. I could go to the ballpark by car, bus, train and bus, or train and subway.

Now I live in Pasco County, and I am closer in mileage to Tropicana Field than I was to the Philadelphia ballpark. Yet I can hardly get there from here. The only means is by car — down U.S. 19 — with long traffic tie-ups. Then I have to deal with the parking problems around Tropicana Field.

Regional transit is greatly needed to enhance visiting the wonderful attractions in the Tampa Bay area.

Therese Duncan, Hudson

Juice is worth paying for

Florida loses some zest without free O.J. | Jan. 7

Florida no longer provides free juice at welcome centers.
Florida no longer provides free juice at welcome centers. [ Tampa Tribune ]

As a Canadian snowbird couple who spend our winters in St. Petersburg, we always look forward to a free sample of Florida orange juice at the visitor center on our way down. Is there life after no free orange juice? Absolutely, but the juice is missed. We would be more than willing to pay five or ten cents for a cup of this delectable delight.

Allan Noble, St. Petersburg

This is Florida’s real juice

I was surprised to hear that they have just recently stopped providing orange juice at the Florida welcome centers. I thought they stopped doing that years ago and were offering free tours of model homes instead.

Glen Getchell, Seminole

How about Christian left?

Evangelical, but not right wing | Jan. 7

2018 Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, Chris King
2018 Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, Chris King

I read Chris King’s column and applaud him. He was so accurate in how he described the Christian right. When he listed all the times he felt close to Jesus while following the teachings in the Bible, I wanted to tell him I would call him Christian left. That is what a good friend who is a Jesus follower calls herself, and I am one, too.

Keep doing what you are doing, Chris, and you will lead us all in what Jesus wants us to do: love others.

Wanda Barker, Clearwater