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In a split-city scheme, where would Rays play in post-season?

Here’s what readers are saying in Monday’s letters.
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred answers questions at a press conference during MLB baseball owners meetings. [JOHN RAOUX | AP]

What about playoff games?

Baseball boss goes to bat for sharing Rays | Feb. 7

After reading about Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred giving his support to a split season for the Rays between Tampa Bay and Montreal, I would like to address the 800-pound gorilla in the room. If the Rays make the playoffs, where will they play? Would each home game alternate between cities? Imagine the logistics if they made it to the World Series. Where would they hold the victory parade? Fans in both cities should learn the answers.

Greg Walleigh, Tarpon Springs

Dialing up a robocall defense


The robocall epidemic is getting worse as scammers find new ways to manipulate technology.

Robocalls, robocalls. Aren’t we all fed up with them? I am a retired 81-year-old who is more than fed up with them. I recently received so many robocalls from a fake Social Security Administration caller that I decided to fight back and give them a taste of their own medicine. The calls came from a 940 area code. Over the next two days, I called that number more than 50 times. I will not begin to tell you what I said to them. But sometimes, I would just say, “I’m back! How do you like this?” Guess what? They blocked my calls! I could no longer get through. It may have been immature of me, but it sure was fun.

Peter Neuman, Safety Harbor

Worth a thousand words

Clay Bennett cartoon | Feb. 7

Thank you for the political cartoon depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping up President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech and Trump holding a copy of the shredded Constitution as he shouted at her, “How dare you!” They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

On Thursday, I had a maintenance man come to my home for a quarterly service. As he came in, I was watching the president of the United States hold a press conference at the White House. The maintenance man looked at the TV and asked what I thought. I unloaded on him, stating I thought Trump is absolutely corrupt and that he should have been removed from office. His response, paraphrased, was, “Well, Joe Biden was the one who bribed Ukraine, and Nancy Pelosi wasted a lot of our taxpayer money when she tore up his State of the Union address.” I told him that I would bet that he watches Fox News. He replied that Fox is all he watches. I am old and slow, but I can still recognize a brick wall when I run into it. I simply told him to go ahead with his service. If I had only had that cartoon, I could have simply showed it to him and saved my breath. Thank you for a great newspaper.

James Emery, Valrico

Loving at least a little

Trump celebrates acquittal | Feb. 7

President Donald Trump holds up a newspaper during the 68th annual National Prayer Breakfast, at the Washington Hilton. [EVAN VUCCI | AP]

At this year’s prayer breakfast, Arthur Brooks, president of a conservative think tank, urged those gathered to “love your enemies.” I plan to follow his advice. But of all those I love, I love President Donald Trump the least.

Gerald Taylor, Wesley Chapel

Time to update Constitution

Trump celebrates acquittal | Feb. 7

The impeachment and trial makes it clear that the Constitution needs to be updated. There has just been too much left for interpretation over the last 240 years with few specific rules. I realize that Congress can’t agree on anything, but a Constitutional Convention seems necessary for the health of the republic.

Tony Perga, Tampa