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Floridians who vote have the power to change Tallahassee

Here’s what readers are saying in Monday’s letters to the editor
Mail ballots wait to be loaded up at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Largo.
Mail ballots wait to be loaded up at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Largo.

The vote is what gives us power

Legislature blocks voters at every turn | Editorial, March 5

This editorial makes a very convincing argument that the Florida Legislature does indeed ignore the will of the voters. From Amendment 1 to Amendment 4, lawmakers in both the House and the Senate find new ways to block the voters’ will at every turn. But what power do we the voters have to stop them? Our vote. This November, House members are up for re-election, as well as many in the Senate. The same legislators who vote to block your voice will no doubt be sending you mailers asking for your vote to re-elect them.

I hope the Times will list of all House and Senate members who vote for HB 7037. When re-election time comes again, print all those names who are up for re-election, and then the voters finally will have the power to transform Tallahassee into a system of government that works for the people of Florida, not the special interests and the politicians themselves. We do not need to attempt to change the state constitution to have the laws we want and need. We simply need to elect lawmakers who will honor the voters’ will, and vote out of office those who refuse to do so.

Mike Quartucci, Zephyrhills

Wait for the big leagues

We overanalyze, underestimate | Column, March 5

A voter places his ballot in the ballot counter at the downtown library polling site in Minneapolis as part of Minnesota's Super Tuesday presidential nomination primary in 2020. [JIM MONE | AP]

Jennifer Rubin squarely hit the mark when she characterized media reactions to voting results before Super Tuesday as a “blizzard of bad punditry.” I am a retired baseball beat writer with 40 years of experience who well knows that spring training stories are largely manufactured and hyped “news” that fill sports pages and air time on talk shows and are forgotten the moment the first pitch is thrown on Opening Day. Early primaries and caucuses in small states with minimal national political clout are the spring training news of politics and rendered moot after Super Tuesday, Opening Day for presidential candidates. Pundits who hype and overreact to the choices of a minuscule number of early voters do no favors to the public by creating unnecessary angst among the vast majority of the nation’s citizens.

Charles R. “Chaz” Scoggins, St. Petersburg

A responsibility to be better

Schumer regrets attacks on high court justices | March 6

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of N.Y., speaks on the Senate floor. [AP]

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened two sitting Supreme Court justices. There is no other way to construe it. As an elected leader, he has a responsibility to set an example in his conduct and actions. Saying this is the way they talk in Brooklyn reinforces this example — that, somehow, this is what we should do. If he cannot uphold the example of a good leader, he should resign. Shame on him.

Kenneth Roberts, Apollo Beach

Pay off debts you incur

Unlock the debtor’s prison of student loans | March 6

Many students who graduate from college are left with a pile of student loan debt.

My advice to anyone who takes out a student loan: When you sign your name on the loan, you pay it back just like a car loan or a mortgage. It is your responsibility to pay your debts. If you chose a field in college that doesn’t pay well, it is your fault for not researching. Maybe you should get two jobs to pay your debt answer instead of putting more debt on the taxpayers, who gave you the opportunity to borrow the funds.

Mary Easterly, Tampa

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