Coronavirus, what is your problem with moms?
Stephanie Hayes | And other Mother’s Day poems
A Mother's Day haiku in the time of coronavirus.
A Mother's Day haiku in the time of coronavirus. [ Ashley Dye/Shutterstock ]
Published May 8, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day. From home schooling while working to near constant contact with our children, mothering has reached new, um, heights. As we continue to socially distance this holiday, only the restrained beauty of haiku effectively illustrates this moment for motherhood. Enjoy.

From mom


What is your problem with moms

Who even raised you

• • •

Mother’s Day inside

I implore you to depart

My personal space

• • •

A zoodle maker

Is not what I want this year

I want a vaccine

• • •

Stay six feet away

Then again why not try eight

Please turn off the lights

• • •

Release my face mask

Fill it with a malty ale

And tilt my head back

• • •

I am not open

Takeout nor delivery

Food is in the fridge

• • •

Believe it or not

I have a job already

It is not phonics

• • •

I don’t know honey

If it is raining outside

Have you tried to look

• • •

Precious school teachers

I owe you the sun and stars

Here is a gift card

• • •

Let’s go look for bears

In the neighborhood windows

I’ll bring a White Claw

For mom

Social distancing

Has not socially distanced

My respect for you

• • •

Unpaid home labor

Disproportionately falls

In your loving arms

• • •

Mom on the front line

Twenty-two stimulus checks

Would not be enough

• • •

You were brave and learned

The brand new mathematics

While on your work Zoom

• • •

Dearest Mother sweet

Here is a fluffy pillow

And a Lunesta

• • •

Thank you for making

Fourteen lockdown snacks each day

I am still hungry

• • •

I am sorry Mom

When we made COVID glue slime

It got in your eye

• • •

You are beautiful

In yoga pants or ball gown

Mostly yoga pants

• • •

I feel bad because

You hid inside the shower

When the news came on

• • •

Grandmother of mine

How does it feel to exclaim

That I told you so

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• • •

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