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President Donald Trump wears a face mask as he participates in a tour of Bioprocess Innovation Center at Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies in Morrisville, N.C. on Monday.
President Donald Trump wears a face mask as he participates in a tour of Bioprocess Innovation Center at Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies in Morrisville, N.C. on Monday. [ EVAN VUCCI | AP ]
Published Jul. 28, 2020

Trump equals Hitler? No way.

Federal intervention evokes bad memories | Letters July 26

I guess it all depends on whose ox is being gored. The letter writer compares President Donald Trump’s sending troops to various cities to Adolf Hitler sending his Brown Shirts to various cities in Germany in the 1930′s.

Sending in federal troops to enforce federal law and protect federal property is not something new. If the letter writer can remember back to the 1930′s, then surely he can remember back to 1957, when another American president, Dwight Eisenhower, sent troops to Little Rock, Ark., to enforce the integration of Little Rock’s Central High School.

Does the letter writer also compare Eisenhower to Hitler, and the 101st Airborne Division, to Hitler’s brown shirted thugs?

Kenneth Gilder, St. Petersburg

It’s not that bad

Within six months of being elected, Adolf Hitler disbanded Germany’s version of Congress, all trade unions and all political parties except for the Nazis. That is fascism. Anybody who thinks a U.S. president increasing the number of federal agents in a few cities to deal with a sharp increase in violent crime is a step towards death camps has no real understanding of fascism.

Eric Greenbaum, Tampa

Masks have other benefits

To those who do not wish to mask up: Forget all the health talk. Here’s a better reason to mask up. The miracle mask covers up wrinkles and double chins. Problem with acne? Use the miracle mask and acne simply disappears! Ladies, you don’t have to go through the agony of wax removing your mustache as it will be covered by the miracle mask. Those who are embarrassed about wearing braces on your teeth can venture out with courage knowing that those braces are hidden from view. The list of aesthetic improvements is endless. Think of the money you can save on Botox, lip balm, makeup and lipstick. Superficially speaking, it improves the way everybody looks!

Linda Reed, Tampa

All Black lives should matter

Tampa Park mom: Leaving behind tragedy, carrying heartache | July 26

This heartbreaking story is why this Black man can’t get behind the current Black Lives Matter movement. Patricia Brown’s son was shot to death on the streets of East Tampa, but there are no marches or protests demanding justice for his killing. As Tampa Bay Times reporter Christopher O’Donnell wrote, Mrs. Brown is glad the issue of racism is getting attention, but if Black lives matter, then why is no one coming forward with the names of those who fired at her son? Until the senseless killings of young black men like Devanté Brown are met with the same anger by activists shouting “Black lives mater,” the movement will have a question mark at the end of it in my mind.

Joseph Brown, Tampa

Typical presidential behavior

Trump cancels Fla. convention | Letters July 25

The letter writer’s fawning praise of President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel the GOP convention in Jacksonville would be comical were it not so pathetic. In an all too familiar Trump maneuver, he makes a horrendously bad decision — in this case to move an indoor super-spreader event to Florida — and then basks in the glow of his supporter’s admiration when he backtracks.

Doug Gindling, Weeki Wachee

Pandemic’s impact hits home for those who can least afford

Give assistance to those who need it

An article in last week’s Tampa Bay Times described the hardships that many are facing, particularly minorities, due to eviction filings. Black and brown Americans, “the very people who are more likely to succumb to the coronavirus or lose their jobs because of it, are disproportionately on the brink of also losing the four walls that health officials have repeatedly told everyone to hide behind.”

It is impossible to shelter in place, follow social distance guidelines or maintain proper hygiene if Americans are out on the streets. It is obvious that urgent action is needed to prevent mass evictions that will lead to mass homelessness and, therefore, mass COVID-19 infections and mortalities. Americans, particularly minority and low-income families, would benefit from an extension of the eviction moratorium that would allow them to stay in their home. It is deeply troubling that evictions disproportionately affect historically marginalized people. Black families are twice as likely as white families to rent their homes. Change is needed as soon as possible to provide assistance to those struggling to pay rent.

Rebekah Muilenburg, Minneapolis

Groups urge DeSantis to broadcast sign language | July 15

For all of us, not just some

Gov. Ron DeSantis is violating Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

The failure to provide American Sign Language interpreters during the Governor’s press briefings denies deaf and hard of hearing citizens access to critical information about the state of the COVID-19 health crisis and essential recommendations on how to stay safe during the pandemic.

James Scott, Clearwater

The writer is the vice president of the Florida Association of the Deaf.