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Is Florida part of a ‘giant libertarian experiment’? | Letters

Here’s what readers are saying in Wednesday’s letters to the editor.

State failing on virus response

Florida adds a record 191 coronavirus deaths Tuesday | July 28

Why is Florida failing to take the most basic steps that successful states and countries have taken? Why are we so spectacularly failing the virus test? It feels like Floridians are trapped inside a giant libertarian experiment of every man, woman and child for themselves. Too many of our leaders are not leading. Maybe they fear accountability and falsely think inaction is not an action.

Kevin Bohacz, Jacksonville

Florida providing a ‘noble sacrifice.’

Teacher lawsuit challenges Florida’s school reopening order | July 20

Thank you very much governor for keeping traditional in-class learning in Florida’s school districts. While I am adamantly opposed to seeing any schools returning to the in-class model in any region of the country — especially any with such high rates of infection as Florida — you are unintentionally providing an excellent laboratory for the study of COVID-19. By condemning staff and students to exposure from each other due to close proximity in confined spaces, inadequate ventilation, and doubtful ability to maintain sufficiently clean surfaces throughout the district, you will be showing the rest of the schools in the country how bad a decision this was.

Since my state of California has decided to go to a distance learning model, we could actually compare and contrast the spread of the virus throughout our two states and see which one has the highest infection and death rates. That is truly noble to sacrifice so many to misery and possibly their deaths in the pursuit of this knowledge.

In all seriousness, you must stop this insistence on opening schools.

Paul Clay, Hemet, Calif.

Trump better than the alternative

There’s idiocy on all sides in the “law and order” road show | July 26

This article condones and condemns the use of force to put down the national riots in Democratic cities. Although the author claims to be disgusted with all sides, conspicuous in its absence is any mention of the Democratic mayors in the rioting cities. Somehow we are supposed to believe that President Trump started the riots and he continues them for political gain. This is utter nonsense. The truth is the president is faced with a situation few, if any, presidents have faced in the past: the coronavirus, national shutdowns, severe economic crisis. I sincerely doubt that any other president could have handled these situations better. I certainly would not count on Vice President Joe Biden.

John Chiarelli, Odessa

Church should turn down the noise

The River at Tampa Bay church draws noise complaints, concerns about maskless congregation | July 27

Pastor Rodney Browne is emblematic of something that makes me say huh? This church community is tax exempt. Its also exempt from common sense rules to protect all of us during a pandemic, exempt from environmental noise pollution rules and essentially exempt from any sense of common decency and courtesy towards the church’s neighbors in this case. I am pretty sure Jesus would be unimpressed. With all these exemptions, how is it the pastor lives on a multi-million dollar estate and uses the church as a political tool? I guess he is not exempt from the allure of power or dollars.

Leon Tempel, Valrico