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And people still don’t bother to vote? | Letters

Here’s what readers are saying in Friday’s letters to the editor.

The 2020 Election

Four in 10 do not even bother to vote

It is incredible to me that despite all that has gone on in this country in recent times, according to the best statistics I could find, only about 58 percent of eligible voters actually voted in the 2016 presidential election. That means millions and millions of Americans did not vote. How can this be? Do they think it doesn’t make a difference? Are they just plain uninterested? Lazy? I urge those four out of 10 eligible voters to do so. If you just don’t care, or can’t find the motivation, try this. Think of the thousands of Americans who died or otherwise endured the horrors of war so that you could exercise your right to sit home and do nothing. Then get up and vote! Those veterans and their families deserve your participation. Our democracy deserves your participation.

John Skey, Bradenton

Florida leaders praise reopenings | Oct. 1

The syncophants who hold office in Florida

When did it become required that politicians feel the need to heap praise on their boss in sycophantic tones in the manner of state Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, who lauded Gov. Ron DeSantis for supporting the reopening of theme parks (and the state itself)? The jury is still out on the state’s reaction to the coronavirus. To say it could have been worse is a pretty low bar.

Terrence Callahan, Crystal Beach

Phase 3: Eat, drink and be wary | Sept. 26

The number of cases will start climbing soon

Brace yourselves. When you hear that giant sucking sound, it will be the huge spike in COVID-19 cases in Florida. With bars and restaurants packing folks in like sardines, it’s bound to happen. And it won’t take long. Just send all your “thank-you’s” to Gov. Ron DeSantis, for allowing bars and restaurants to operate at full capacity.

JoAnn Lee Frank, Clearwater

The National Popular Vote

Cut out the Electoral College to count all votes

It is so important that every voter feels that their vote counts. The massive non-voting yet registered population is because, in most states, they don’t feel that their vote matters at all. Presidential candidates don’t even campaign in the majority of states in this country. We can solve the problem of uninterested voters by putting into effect the National Popular Vote. We don’t need the Electoral College anymore. The voters can directly select presidents. Let them do it.

Donna Grace, Gulfport