Pinellas Property Appraiser: The Times Editorial Board recommends
The job includes overseeing the appraising of all residential and commercial property in the county.
A view of the downtown St. Petersburg skyline and waterfront.
A view of the downtown St. Petersburg skyline and waterfront.
This article represents the opinion of the Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board.
Published Oct. 2, 2020
Updated Oct. 2, 2020

Incumbent Mike Twitty is the clear choice to lead the Pinellas County Property Appraisers Office. He has done a good job over his first four years, and we see no reason not to recommend him to serve another term.

Mike Twitty
Mike Twitty

Twitty, 53, spent more than 25 years as a property appraiser and became a principal and senior managing director in a private firm before winning the 2016 election, his first run for public office. Twitty is a graduate of Largo High School and the University of Florida and is a Certified Florida Appraiser, and holds the MAI designation from The Appraisal Institute, the field’s highest professional designation. He has a clear grasp of the appraisal business, both commercial and residential. He’s disarming and engaging with a straight-forward communication style, which helps in explaining the role of the property appraiser’s office — it sets the value of property, but does not set the tax rate or collect taxes. Twitty plans to continue to improve access to information on the office’s website and make the appraisal process more transparent.

Trevor Mallory, 48, went to Lakewood High School before playing minor league professional baseball for several years. He worked for the St. Petersburg Parks Department, ran a logistics and freight business and now is a property manager for Family First Homes, helping oversee 104 local properties. A Democrat, Mallory would like to “bring more fairness to the appraisal system,” noting how national studies show that low-income families pay more than their share of property taxes.

The property appraiser is elected to a four-year term and makes $170,065 a year.

Twitty knows his stuff. He’s got the experience and acumen to keep the property appraisers office headed in the right direction. For Pinellas County Property Appraiser, the Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board recommends Mike Twitty.

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