Why should I pay for your student loan debt? | Letters
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Why forgiving student debt is a bad idea | Column, Nov. 21

Why should we have to pay for you?

President-elect Joe Biden has said that one of his ambitions is to forgive a minimum of $10,000 of current student loans per person. What happened to personal responsibility? Why didn’t these people calculate the costs of getting their education versus the income one could expect upon graduation as well as future income? If the costs were excessive, why not go to a community college or junior college for the first two years? They could have taken courses in business that could have increased their future value as an employee.

Why should the millions of people who worked full-time or part-time while going to school be punished for those who chose a less stressful path? Why should the millions of people who paid off their student loans be punished for being adults when it comes to finances? Last, but by far not the least, why should those who did not go to college have to pay for those that did not have a sound plan for paying off student loans?

Tom Craig, Riverview

Thanksgiving in 2020

Be thankful for your health

If your family’s Thanksgiving dinner — like our family’s — will have many less people around the table but all are still healthy, you have much about which to be thankful. Too many families are worried about having any food to eat. Consider donating the difference on what you would have spent on a large group to a local food bank, the FEAST Food Pantry or Feeding America. If you usually travel but are not this year, consider donating the cost of fuel, plane or bus fare. Help others have a happy Thanksgiving and be thankful that you are in a position to do so.

Deena Silver, Oldsmar


We’re still in a public health crisis

The Hillsborough County Medical Association is in complete agreement with the Florida Medical Association and the American Medical Association in condemning the attacks on doctors who are being falsely accused of benefiting financially from over-counting patients with COVID-19. Physicians and health care workers across the country have been risking their lives, as well as those of their families, in treating patients with COVID-19.

With a surge in coronavirus cases in all 50 states, it is incumbent upon the federal and state governments to cooperate and provide our health care workers with the personal protective equipment they need to protect themselves during this pandemic. The current administration must provide a smooth transition to the incoming administration to facilitate protection for our health care workers and treatment for patients, especially with the impending availability of vaccines.

It is still urgent for all of us to follow scientifically based guidelines to protect ourselves, families, friends and neighbors, by wearing masks, socially distancing, avoiding large gatherings, continuing to wash our hands and using hand sanitizer to overcome this public health crisis.

Michael Cromer

The writer is the president of the Hillsborough County Medical Association.

Environmental regulations under Biden

Bring back the environment

The incoming Joe Biden administration must immediately reverse every environmental regulation that was rolled back by this criminal administration. Those regulations were put in place to save American lives. They must be reinstated as quickly as possible before another American is killed.

Mat Petro, Holiday