Florida Gov. DeSantis strikes good balance between coronavirus and the economy | Letters
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at a news conference in late November.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at a news conference in late November. [ RICARDO RAMIREZ BUXEDA | AP ]
Published Dec. 15, 2020

Gov. DeSantis gets it

Is Florida doing better on coronavirus than ‘locked down’ states? | PolitiFact, Dec. 3

PolitiFact completely missed the point of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ statement when he said “the states that are locked down are increasing at twice the rate we are.” It’s not about our rate vs. other states. It’s about the fact that locking down the economy has done little to help the infection rates in the states that have gone down that path.

We seem to have come to this false narrative that states are faced with a choice between public safety or the economy. Too many seem to be ignoring the fact that poverty kills people as well. It just kills slower than COVID-19 by doing it through depression, stress, and drug and alcohol abuse. Of course, that also means that it does not show up in the paper as part of a daily death count. Fortunately, our governor understands this trade-off. As Politifact proved, increasing restrictions may or may not reduce infections, but it will most certainly force more businesses into bankruptcy, swell the unemployment ranks and further strain our state and local budgets.

Bottom line is that the only sensible path until we have a vaccine is to wear a mask and avoid gatherings. We don’t need a government mandate to follow these commonsense precautions.

Scott Stolz, St. Petersburg

Moody should focus on Florida

Florida to U.S. Supreme Court: Hear Texas lawsuit to overturn Biden win | Dec. 10

I never thought I would say this, but Ashley Moody is even less interested in representing all Floridians than the previous worst and most partisan attorney general, Pam Bondi. Why is Moody involving Florida in a lawsuit attempting to invalidate hundreds of thousands of votes in other states? She needs to resign.

Julie Hirst, Tampa

DeSantis has some explaining to do

DeSantis defends FDLE treatment of COVID-19 whistleblower | Dec. 11

First DeSantis spokesman, Fred Piccolo, said Gov. Ron DeSantis was not aware of the “raid” on former Florida health analyst’s home. Now, we hear DeSantis was aware. Then, we saw DeSantis pitching a hissy fit when questioned about the “Raid”. The Governor doth protest too much, methinks”. It is said that pressure reveals one’s true character. What is being revealed about the governor is that he is thin skinned and doesn’t like to have the people question him on raids, amendments or public health....Florida is the national punchline.

Terrence Callahan, Crystal Beach

Cartoon misses mark

Editorial Cartoons for Saturday & Sunday from Times Wire Services | Dec. 12

Lisa Benson’s editorial cartoon trying to imply the years-old investigation into Hunter Biden is being ignored is the actual diversion. What would happen if we had a four-year investigation of the president and all his children and their ongoing business deals? These questionable deals have yielded orders of magnitude more money for the president and his family than Hunter Biden’s overly investigated millions.

Steve Geiger, St. Petersburg