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Here’s what readers are saying in Thursday’s letters to the editor.
Proposed corridors for three new toll road expansions.
Proposed corridors for three new toll road expansions. [ LANGSTON TAYLOR | Tampa Bay Times ]
Published Dec. 17, 2020

Kill the new toll roads

Is Florida’s massive toll road project destined to crash? | Editorial, Nov. 29

Anyone who has followed Florida’s M-CORES toll road boondoggle knows it has been a flawed process catering to special interests and is a pet project meant to enshrine former Senate President Bill Galvano’s legacy. After the task force process and the completion of each of the final reports, I think it is clear that we don’t need to continue this project anymore. Each report concludes that there is no “specific need” based on the information and data available. The transportation department can’t show us the data in support of building the three toll roads because there is no data to justify this boondoggle. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars. Repeal the roads.

Christian Hochmuth, Fort Myers

Florida lags on COVID

Is Florida better than California at containing the coronavirus? | Analysis, Dec. 12

The numbers are quite clear between California and Florida regarding COVID-19 death rates. If Florida had an equivalent science-based approach to handling the crisis as California, Florida would have at least 6,000 to 7,000 fewer deaths. For Gov. Ron DeSantis, the extra dead Floridians are the price to be paid to gain a three percentage point advantage in the unemployment rate over California. It is very sad that the governor purportedly is pro-life, yet his actions regarding COVID-19 have killed more than twice the number of Americans who lost their lives on in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Who says that human life is priceless? Certainly not Gov. DeSantis.

Timothy McClain, St. Pete Beach

Who you calling invasive?

Red-headed invasive lizard with butterfly appetite spreads in Florida | Dec. 11

All these stories about invasive species, such as pythons or red-headed lizards, are moot when we ignore the most invasive species in history. One that is still the most dangerous worldwide. That species is us. Human beings have spread unchecked from one small area of Africa throughout the world and have destroyed the habitat of numerous other species and plants. We have made many animals extinct; think of the dodo and the passenger pigeon. We almost killed off the American bison and the Florida panther, and Efforts to save other species have been weak and ineffective due to political stagnation.

Ian MacFarlane, St. Petersburg

Let red states go

Supreme Court rejects Republican attack on Biden victory | Dec. 11

Now that the Republicans have lost in the Supreme Court, there has been a new clamor by some to secede from the Union. I say, let them go. Most red states pay less in federal taxes and receive more money back from the federal government than blue states. Let’s see how those red states fare without the federal government paying their way

Michael Weisz, Tampa

Not voting Republican anymore

Hundreds of GOP members sign onto Texas-led election lawsuit | Dec. 10

The latest ploy by the Republican party to destroy democracy has upset me to the extent that I will never vote for a member of the Republican party again for any public office. “Never Again” is my motto!

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