Don’t let Twitter muzzle conservative thought | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Tuesday’s letters to the editor.
This combination of photos shows logos for social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.
This combination of photos shows logos for social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. [ AP ]
Published Jan. 19
Updated Jan. 19

Twitter permanently bans Trump | Jan. 8

Keep the marketplace open for ideas

Facebook, Twitter, Google and other companies justify editing out conservative views because they are private companies and free to control content. If we accept this premise, should we also accept that Black people could be denied service at the local lunch counter or Jewish people could be restricted from private country clubs or neighborhoods? I thought we had moved beyond this thinking with the 1964 civil rights laws and from the beginning of time by those who respect the dignity of all. We need a 21st century trust-buster to keep the marketplace open to ideas, even ideas we do not like.

Terrence Stapleton, Tarpon Springs

DeSantis’ top legislative priority | Jan. 14

Get priorities straight

Let’s see. We have a pandemic raging through Florida. We have thousands of our citizens searching for way to feed their families. We have thousands in desperate need of basic health care. And yet, Gov. Ron DeSantis boldly asserts that his number one priority in the upcoming legislative session is to rectify what he perceives as unfair censorship of conservative viewpoints on social media. Really? Would that the rest of us Floridians had nothing else to worry about.

Morry Bornstein, Seminole

Trump trial looms | Jan. 15

Vote out the fascist wing

Republicans in Congress who make up the emerging fascist wing of the party are now calling for unity after a failed attempt to overturn the vote, but not one of them will say the election was free and fair. Living the lie and then doubling down brings into focus a sad group of fake Americans. Like suffering and disease, that mindset will always be with us, and electing them to Congress allows the cancer to metastasize.

Stephan Fugleberg, Tampa

A roar in the uproar | Jan. 15

Rioters, unmasked

In recent days, I have come to realize that there is one good thing about many Trump supporters’ reluctance to wearing face masks. It makes them easier to identify during an insurrection.

Del Scott, Largo

Impeached again | Jan. 14

President Mike Pence

Had the Senate voted to convict President Donald Trump the first time, there would have been no insurrection, Republicans might still have a Senate majority, and Mike Pence could be the incoming president.

Park Chapman, St. Petersburg

Florida teachers not ‘frontline’ enough? | Column, Jan. 14

Frontline in the classroom

Teacher Chris Fulton’s column is an exceedingly clear frontline description of what is happening in schools in this period of increasing transmission of COVID-19. I hope it is widely read.

Rick Warrener, Odessa

Don’t mess with manatees | Column, Jan. 15

Fun with manatees

It was so much fun for a change to read the Dave Barry piece on our friends, the manatees. So much better than the doom and gloom commentary by Leonard what’s his name and Connie whomever.

Thomas Klein, Tampa