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Last June, Donald Trump departs the White House for a photo op outside St. John's Church, in Washington, where he held up a Bible.
Last June, Donald Trump departs the White House for a photo op outside St. John's Church, in Washington, where he held up a Bible. [ PATRICK SEMANSKY | AP ]
Published Jan. 21

Christian hate is no faith | Column, Jan. 18

The Christian values I know

Connie Schultz did a great job of expressing what I’ve been feeling for a long time. Our faith has been hijacked by those who are acting in such non-Christian ways and doing irrefutable harm to Christianity, our churches and our country. Donald Trump used the military to clear the area by a church so he could have a photo op holding a Bible. This showed how little he understood about real Christianity. My God is a God of love and of inclusiveness who expects us to reflect Jesus’ values in our lives. This recent event at the U.S. Capitol where Christianity and prayer were invoked certainly do not reflect Jesus’ values nor the Christianity I was taught.

Marilyn Paulson, Palm Harbor

Hillsborough transportation tax

Spend the money now

What a shame that hundreds of millions of dollars are available for transportation investments and yet not a penny has been spent. Tampa’s share of money collected is $55 million, with about $6.6 million dedicated to making walking and biking safer. This money could make a significant dent in Tampa’s huge backlog of needed sidewalks, which tops 1,300 miles.

A lawsuit seeks to thwart the will of Hillsborough voters, who two years ago chose to tax themselves to pay for transportation projects. A circuit judge upheld the tax last year. While we await a decision from the Florida Supreme Court, the tax stands. It’s the rule of the land. The board of Walk Bike Tampa calls on Tampa leaders not to wait any longer. Spend the money.

Janet Scherberger, Tampa

The writer is president of the Walk Bike Tampa Board of Directors.

Shades of Iran, North Korea | Column, Jan. 20

Telling the truth is one way

Amanda Makki is wrong. Big Tech does not suppress “conservative” viewpoints. Twitter, Facebook and their counterparts block only the most dangerous lies, not thoughtful commentary of any stripe. There is nothing conservative in rejecting medical science, attacking election integrity, claiming political opponents are pedophiles, peddling white supremacy or calling for insurrection. People are dying and violence is thriving because of those “conservative” attacks on reality. There’s a simple and effective way to avoid cancelation — just tell the truth.

Jim Smith, St. Petersburg

Presidential pardons

The innocent need no pardon

A truly innocent person would never seek a pardon, let alone accept one, which clears the air as to Steven Bannon’s true character.

Brian Valsavage, St. Petersburg

DeSantis: Biden vaccine proposal is a big mistake | Jan. 20

Just get shots into arms

I find it pathetic that Gov. Ron DeSantis is critical of President Joe Biden’s plan to use FEMA to get vaccines into the arms of Floridians. The Trump administration had no plan, nor did the state of Florida while each passed the responsibility from state to local government. Floridians do not care if it is administered at Walgreens, CVS, Publix, Starbucks, at a stadium or health department or by FEMA. The governor should be a man with fewer opinions, and remember that actions speak louder than words!

Jackie Kanner, St. Petersburg