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Workers install solar panels on a building in California.
Workers install solar panels on a building in California. [ U.S. Dept. of Energy ]
Published Jan. 25

Biden moves swiftly to reverse Trump policies on climate | Jan. 21

We need a carbon tax now

The Biden administration needs to deploy many solutions to stop climate change. However, without pricing cheaper carbon fuels, all other solutions will operate at a competitive disadvantage. Grants and subsidies for clean technology solutions are helpful, but it does not make sense to create them while continuing subsidies for the petroleum fuel industry and not charging for pollutant emissions. A carbon fee (tax) approach would eliminate these flaws in our market economy. As mentioned in the article, the collected carbon fees could be returned to all citizens as a dividend. This way, low and middle income families will be protected from rising energy costs.

Marie Parks, Largo

DeSantis: Biden vaccine proposal is a big mistake | Jan. 20

With an expert like this ...

I’m fascinated” to read that Gov. Ron DeSantis has anointed himself an expert on vaccine distribution. The state’s pathetic attempts to implement a viable vaccination plan is proof positive that our state’s leadership is, to put it politely, “clueless.” Crashing computers and jammed phone lines are not signs of a functional plan. This senior citizen is seriously considering boarding an airplane and flying to a state where the government actually has its act together.

Kirk Hazlett, Riverview

Domestic terrorism should be a crime | Column, Jan. 22

Protesters vs. rioters

The biggest difference between the Black Lives Matter protests and the insurrection in Washington, D.C., is that one is based on a true phenomenon that is happening all over the country where unarmed Black and brown people are being killed by police, and the riot in the Capitol was based on a lie. The former was met with batons and tear gas, the latter was met with selfies and fist bumps.

Yvonne Osmond, Clearwater

Chorus grows to rename Justice Center for McCabe | Jan. 22

Maybe two names would do

How about the McCabe-Dillinger Justice Center for two fine men, retired public defender Bob Dillinger and the late Pinellas- Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe?

William Jacobs, St. Pete Beach

A fresh chapter | Editorial, Jan. 21

The dignity of work

Be careful what you wish for. Democracy and progressivism have prevailed; federalism and individual responsibility have not. Work has its own virtues — responsibility, trust, self-respect and independence, but progressivism is insidious as it offers illusions of comfort while making you dependent. People need jobs. What can be done to create them?

David R. McNabb, Tampa