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St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman addresses the media during a news conference announcing the Tropicana Field site redevelopment.
St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman addresses the media during a news conference announcing the Tropicana Field site redevelopment. [ BOYZELL HOSEY | TIMES | Tampa Bay Times ]
Published Jan. 29

Field of dreams | Jan. 28

A few thoughts about Trop site

All of the plans briefly described for redevelopment of the Tropicana Field site are appealing in many ways: affordable housing, park space around an expanded Booker Creek, retail, hotel and more. If the Tampa Bay Rays will commit to a full season here, a new stadium could be built. This might be a possible location for the Carter G. Woodson Museum along with a space to show a detailed, though painful, history of the Black community in St. Petersburg, including the ugly history of lynchings. One requirement should be that every structure be covered in solar. It’s time to show the “field of dreams” is a green one.

Earl Waters, St. Petersburg

Florida adds 8,408 cases | Jan. 28

I’d like my first shot

Second vaccinations shots are of concern, of course, but what about the first ones? I’ve spent days trying to get my first shot only to be told not available. I’m 78, I have lymphoma and no spleen.

Nancy Dillon, St. Petersburg

Push is on to restore free Sunday parking | Jan. 27

Should you even be driving?

I frequent neither bars nor churches, and I love city dwelling. One thing: Downtown Tampa street parking is free from midnight to 8 a.m. Why would drinkers, party-goers and the like have free parking when they should be using Uber but a single mother with children have to pay $2.50 per hour to take her children to church on Sunday?

Renee Campion, Tampa

Fla. Senate denounces socialism | Jan. 28

Freedom for me, not thee

It’s ironic that the Florida Senate is “in favor of the true American value of individual liberty and democracy” and sponsor Republican Sen. Manny Diaz “supports freedom of people to improve their lives without the government engineering society or our economy.” What of women and our desire to control our bodies without state interference? So much for individual liberty. And we keep voting these folks back in.

Merilyn Burke, Tampa

Protest bill will target rioters | Jan. 28

Don’t need more of this

Here comes another Florida Republican push to control citizens who assemble to protest whatever particular issue is at hand. By being as loosely worded as possible to what actually constitutes riotous actions, it leaves the interpretation to law enforcement to decide, like we need more of that approach in deciding who gets arrested. If we don’t like what you are saying or how you are saying it, we will stop you.

Dale Gottschalk, Hudson

Republicans want to punish China, tech giants | Jan. 28

Focus on what matters

This bill that’s meant to punish tech giants for censoring conservatives and China for the pandemic is unnecessary. If politicians don’t want to be thrown off social media, they shouldn’t traffic in lies, conspiracy theories or threats of violence. And China couldn’t care less about Florida. Legislators should instead improve our environment, prepare for the effects of global warming, create access to health care and on and on. Those things actually matter.

Jim Oliver, De Leon Springs