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Volunteers from the First Baptist Church of Plant City distribute food donated by the church, Feeding Tampa Bay and One More Child, to the needy last year in Plant City.
Volunteers from the First Baptist Church of Plant City distribute food donated by the church, Feeding Tampa Bay and One More Child, to the needy last year in Plant City. [ CHRIS O'MEARA | AP ]
Published Feb. 4

Publix heiress funded rally before riots | Jan. 31

How Publix could make good

I have been a loyal Publix shopper since the 1980s, first in my tourist days, then since 2002 as a Florida resident. Their quality, customer service, prices and range of product are first rate. It’s sad that they have been tainted by Publix heir Julia Jenkins Fancelli’s $300,000 donation to the Trump rally preceding the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol insurrection. Publix can restore some good will by donating an equal or larger amount to organizations trying to help people in these difficult times. Maybe Feeding Tampa Bay or Metropolitan Ministries? And similar organizations in every state in which Publix operates? Publix can show us what it really stands for by leaning in and putting some significant dollars behind trite corporate denials to help our struggling communities.

Arlene Zimney, Tampa

Not with my money | Letter, Feb. 2

One more shot for others

To all those who boycott Publix: Remember if you do, you boycott the chance of being vaccinated at any of its hundreds of stores now offering COVID-19 vaccinations. You can all go someplace else and allow someone else more deserving to take your place.

John Spengler, Spring Hill

Checked by reality, some QAnon supporters exit | Feb. 3

News flash: Earth is round

The article states that “former believers ... liken the process of leaving QAnon to kicking a drug habit.” I suggest we give them alternative “theories” to obsess about, much like a nicotine patch is a tool to help people quit cigarettes. The first equally plausible one that comes to mind is that the Earth is flat.

Terry Arnold, St. Petersburg

Florida a top spot for hate groups | Feb.. 2

Name the groups, please

Would the Times please expand upon this article about hate in Florida? Your readers should know how the Southern Poverty Law Center defines a hate group. How do they measure hate? May we see the list of 68 groups and their scores?

Suzann Corral, Tampa

The Capitol insurrection

Punish those who rioted

I have been a Trump supporter but I abhor what happened on Jan 6. As the people’s house, it is my house also. Severe justice for all those who apparently premeditated turned a peaceful demonstration into an insurrection. This assault of our Capitol should never be allowed to happen again.

John Clynick, Gulfport

A failure to plan | Letter, Feb. 3

Taking credit when not due

I’m one of the lucky few who got my shot two weeks ago, but I’m helping my friends with vaccine updates so they can feel some relief and peace of mind. I just saw a new post about vaccine availability this Friday so I copied the link and texted it to a friend. I opened it first and was shocked to see a photo of a grinning Gov. Ron DeSantis taking credit even as the vaccine rollout failed to serve all Floridians equally. It reminded me of the stimulus checks sent out with Donald Trump’s signature. If DeSantis is using Trump’s playbook, I hope his term in office ends the same way.

Eileen Stafford, St. Petersburg