Gov. DeSantis, there’s no such thing as ‘extra’ COVID-19 vaccine doses | Letters
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Gov. Ron DeSantis gestures as he speaks to the media at a coronavirus vaccination site at Lakewood Ranch on Wednesday in Bradenton.
Gov. Ron DeSantis gestures as he speaks to the media at a coronavirus vaccination site at Lakewood Ranch on Wednesday in Bradenton. [ CHRIS O'MEARA | AP ]
Published Feb. 19

Affluent ZIP codes get shots | Feb. 18

There aren’t ‘extra’ doses

Gov. Ron DeSantis should know that there is no room for politics in the COVID-19 vaccine distribution process. There are no such things as 3,000 “extra” doses to be distributed to high-income ZIP codes at the request of developer donors (or potential donors). Then, the governor flew down to Manatee County and held a press conference. But he didn’t receive the expected cheers. Instead, there were many questions. Of course, his response was, if they don’t like it, he would send the vaccine somewhere else. Whom does that remind me of? Maybe it’s time to ask himself how well that worked for his mentor last November.

Michael Cain, Tampa

Affluent ZIP codes get shots | Feb. 18

Equal opportunity injections

I guess the less privileged and unfortunate seniors who live in East Tampa, West Tampa, Sulphur Springs and the University area to name a few in Hillsborough County didn’t make the governor’s list. Is Gov. Ron DeSantis going to go into the large minority, less affluent communities across the state and offer them the same opportunity? His reaction when being questioned told me all I need to know.

Neil Armstrong, Tampa

Pirate invasion will have to wait | Editorial, Feb. 18

Save Gasparilla with a boat parade

I’ve watched the Gasparilla parades since moving here about 10 years ago. I understand the problem with crowds as a potential super spreader and why we must not let COVID-19 rise again. But there’s an alternative to canceling the parade. Folks could dress their houses up as in New Orleans. Remember, Mardi Gras was also cancelled. How about a wonderful boat parade with plenty of pirates and “gold” and such? Since it’s on the water, nothing inedible could be thrown at the spectators, who would be limited entry as in our recent Super Bowl boat parade. Spectators would need tickets in advance, and others would be turned away. Sad times, but we can still celebrate! If Mayor Jane Castor and Tampa could pull off the Super Bowl boat parade in a few days, think what this extra time would bring. I’m content to watch at home on TV. I’m sure others would be too.

Dorene Lovelace, Brooksville

Acquittal comes at a price | Feb. 15

The games politicians play

And the games continue. Sen. Mitch McConnell makes it exceedingly clear in his “scathing” floor speech after the impeachment acquittal vote that impeachment was not the correct avenue to hold the former president accountable all the while knowing that any other attempt would be blasted as a continuation of a partisan witch hunt. The blatant gamesmanship of McConnell and the Republicans is breathtaking in its hypocrisy.

Terry Arnold, St. Petersburg

Blackout has Texans freezing, furious | Feb. 18

The alone star state

Former U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry is also the former governor of Texas and is saying Texans willingly sacrifice their comfort and safety in exchange for their independence from the federal government by having their own power grid. If this is true, then Texas should refuse FEMA help because after all the first letter stands for “federal.”

James Harazin, St. Petersburg

Voice of American conservatism’ dies | Feb.18

Rush was right

Rush Limbaugh was a hero for this country. He changed so many millions of lives for the better, mine included. He was the greatest radio host who has ever lived, a patriot and an icon. God bless him.

Paul Bacon, Hallandale Beach