Love and, well, not love for Rush Limbaugh | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Saturday’s letters to the editor.
Rush Limbaugh in 2001. Mr. Limbaugh died earlier this week.
Rush Limbaugh in 2001. Mr. Limbaugh died earlier this week. [ ERIC RISBERG | AP ]
Published Feb. 20

Loving Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio host, dies at 70 | Feb. 17

When I started to read the story of Rush Limbaugh’s death on the front page of the paper, I expected an unbiased article. You know, journalism. Instead, I found a mean spirited hit piece loaded with vitriol and hate. I doubt the writer ever actually listened to Rush’s radio show. I’ve listened for almost 25 years and never heard him espouse racism or bigotry. His message was that anyone could succeed in America with drive, desire and belief in their abilities. His focus was exposing the hypocrisy of the left: John Kerry’s private jet while lecturing the rest of us about using electric cars; Maxine Waters encouraging her followers to attack Republicans in public; Nancy Pelosi denouncing police while using private security. The examples roll on.

Your story was insulting and, if anything, belonged in the opinion section. It was not worthy of the front page.

Denise Browsky, Brooksville

Loathing Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh, conservative talk radio host, dies at 70 | Feb. 17

In today’s America, I was wondering if conservatism is now another word for bigotry? Since Rush Limbaugh was so revered by many and received a Presidential Medal of Freedom even though for the past 31 years, his racism was obsessive. He dehumanized his targets with a special rage for feminist women, who he called castrating harpies, and Black people, who he inferred were intellectually unqualified and inherently criminal. The message he pounded home day after day was that minorities and women were seizing status and resources from white people and men. He singled out Black quarterback Donovan McNabb saying he was overrated due to his race and went after former President Barack Obama repeatedly, while his conservative followers continued to supporter and cheer him on.

Neil Armstrong, Tampa

Truth to power

These bad Florida bills aim to silence racial justice advocates | Column, Feb. 19

I hope the guest column by state Rep. Fentrice Driskell is widely read. It is a prime example of a legislator being willing to speak truth to power when power is being so blatantly abused. She is following in the footsteps of Paula Dockery and Mac Stipanovich. Florida needs more of those voices.

Richard Warrener, Odessa

All hail Ms. Hayes!

Tampa Bay! You’re drunk, go home! | Feb. 8

Stephanie, I dub thee the voice of Stephasanity! We who are legion, and as dismayed as you are by unmasked yet massed revelers, stand beside you in solidarity. Let us all Steph up and don masks!

Yvonne deLeon, Safety Harbor

Blatant political favoritism

Florida’s mad rush to vaccinate a wealthy Manatee neighborhood | Editorial, Feb. 18

If there is anyone left that still believes that Gov. Ron DeSantis simply pulled those Manatee County ZIP codes randomly out of a hat, I found some oceanfront property in Oklahoma they may be interested in. I can’t decide which is more insulting: his pandering to his base or assuming that we are so ignorant and naïve that we would accept his mealy mouthed explanation. In any case, I hope the electorate will remember this occasion come election time.

James Mootsey, Dunedin