Ladies, use these WrestleMania moves for just walking to your car
Someone telling you to smile? Time to break out the Spinebuster.
Learn to take out creeps with these Wrestlemania moves.
Learn to take out creeps with these Wrestlemania moves. [ JAE S. LEE | Associated Press ]
Published Apr. 8
Updated Apr. 8

The stars of WrestleMania 37 are bringing their singlets to Tampa. WWE’s biggest event is open to limited fans, after the pandemic altered last year’s affairs.

This is a great chance to brush up on defensive moves for everyday life. You may think these maneuvers are for the physically elite, not someone trying to get to her data entry job without being catcalled. But that kind of limited thinking is what got Randy Orton eliminated by the Edge in the Last Man Standing Match.

Incorporate the following WrestleMania moves. We have much to learn from our athletic friends.

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Roman Reigns’ Superman Punch

Break out this move the next time someone says, “Psst, hey,” and follows you. The important thing is to get air winding into the punch, like a Heisman Trophy gone aloft. Consider a running start. That’s no problem since you have been avoiding creeps and disguising it as a focused walk since you entered the workforce.

Charlotte Flair’s Charlotte’s Web

Use this split-legged evasion when retrieving your Uber Eats. It’s not your fault the driver stopped in the bike lane to stick your Caesar wrap out the window. But when the guy in the neighboring Jeep starts to honk and shout obscenities, transition to the bridging inverted roll-up for the finish. Only tip 15 percent.

Rhea Ripley’s Riptide

You’re at the gym and someone tries to correct your form uninvited, placing a hand on your lower back. Roll out and fling yourself onto the middle rope (consider using a stack of protein supplements if no middle rope is available). Work on your character development by saying, “How’s my form now?”

Brock Lesnar’s Spinebuster

Carrying groceries? It can be tough to juggle produce, coffee and a heightened sense of awareness around the neighbor who keeps asking where you’re “off to next.” Placing the food between you and danger can intensify the slam sensation of the vertebrae. Get your reusable bags back, because waste is a villain, too.

John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment

The star’s signature move will come in handy the next time someone tells you to smile. Simply lift the offender overhead and scream into the nearest camera, “YOU SMILE!” This may, in fact, cause you to smile. The audience will love it.

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