A call for Florida veterans to support the rule of law | Column
Veterans need to display leadership that will help bridge the divides that are plaguing the country, writes guest columnist Eddie Robinette.
Veterans Memorial Park on Veterans Day in 2019.
Veterans Memorial Park on Veterans Day in 2019.
Published Sep. 16

As fellow veterans who have served our country, we are patriots who stand for democracy. We stood, raised our right hand, and swore a sacred oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. We understood that, if necessary, we would make the ultimate sacrifice to support the Constitution.

Our service to America did not end when we finished our term of service. As veterans, we believe that we are still bound by our solemn oath. Our country now is deeply divided. Some say the divisions run as deep as those preceding the Civil War. This divide comes at a time when we face enormous problems that cannot be fully resolved by a divided citizenry. Veterans need to display leadership that will help bridge that divide.

We welcome debate between groups who disagree about policy and ideology. But, we do take issue with those who challenge our constitutional government and the rule of law. The very purpose of storming our Capitol on Jan. 6 was to prevent certification of the presidential election as mandated by the Constitution. The falsehood that President Joe Biden lost the presidential election continues to be promoted. Combined they are an existential threat to our democracy.

We must find and deal with those historical issues that cause such actions. These actions are just symptoms of our divide; such anger and fear do not spring up overnight. We must come together on those issues about which we agree so that we can reasonably debate those on which we disagree. For instance, we can come together to debate the solutions to climate change.

We are not taking partisan positions; the gravity of present circumstances go far beyond partisan policy or ideological disputes. We ask that you join with us to support the Constitution. We need two strong political parties committed to the Constitution and the rule of law. This makes America stronger because policy then can be shaped in debate, and citizen participation can be centered on facts.

As veterans, we stand up for the Constitution and truth and support those who are united with us in this cause. Will you join with us in this patriotic mission?

Eddie Robinette is a member of Florida Veterans for Common Sense.