Supreme Court’s bad decision on vaccine mandates is one more blow to health care workers | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Monday’s letters to the editor.
The Supreme Court is seen at dusk in Washington.
The Supreme Court is seen at dusk in Washington. [ J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE | AP ]
Published Jan. 17

Courting disaster with health care workers

Work vaccine rule halted | Jan. 14

My disappointment at the Supreme Court’s decision to block mandated vaccination for businesses with over 100 employees is overwhelming. The justices have placed a horrific burden on health care workers who already are at the end of their rope. Now they will be blessed by having to care for hundreds of thousands more unvaccinated people who would have been required to be vaccinated by this mandate. The Supreme Court, instead of giving our medical heroes support and to help our country heal from this pandemic, have now driven one more nail in the health care coffin.

Gail Myhre, Brooksville

I have solar, and I’m not rich

No need to rush changes to rooftop solar program | Editorial, Jan. 14

I’m a senior citizen who nearly croaked when I moved to a modest home in 2018 and received my first $350 electric bill. I financed solar power for my roof and saw my electric bill drop enough to more than cover payments for the rooftop array. I paid off the loan when I refinanced my house to avoid having to sell the place. I do everything I can to maintain my home and independence, including holding two jobs. So hey, legislators, solar power helps more than just “the wealthy.”

Daisy Ottmann, Largo

Guns are dangerous

Pasco sheriff: Mother fatally shot sons, then herself | Jan. 14

In the description of the causes for the tragic suicide in Land O’ Lakes, the sheriff failed to mention that easy access to firearms is a leading contributing factor to the suicide rate. Our citizens who own guns are far more likely to die by suicide with their guns than they are to defend themselves with their guns. If a citizen wants to protect his or her family, keeping guns out of the house is a good first step.

Brian Williams, Zephyrhills

Hed goes here.

Taxpayer dollars have a higher purpose than a new Ybor City ballpark for the Rays | Column, Jan. 14

Thanks to Skylar Zander for his thoughts on building a new stadium in Ybor City for the Rays. He is right that a community does not benefit economically from sports stadiums. The owners of sports teams are not poor and should be responsible for building their own stadiums.

Ann Jamieson, St. Petersburg


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