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A voter makes her way into a polling place at Sea Castle Elementary School in Miramar on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021.
A voter makes her way into a polling place at Sea Castle Elementary School in Miramar on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021. [ REBECCA BLACKWELL | AP ]
Published Jan. 18

Voting rights and wrongs

Senate advances maps | Jan. 14

Since I was 18, I have voted in every election in Florida — 58 years of votes for either Republican and Democrats on the ballots. I consider the ballot box a scared trust not to be abused. I always felt that my vote was welcomed and that no matter what political party was then in power, my right to vote would be protected. I no longer feel this way.

From the first day I voted, I believed that the purpose of our votes was to get a majority consensus on the best person suited to lead us politically. Today it seems that the current Republican leaders want your voting to continue, but only as long as you vote for their candidates. Instead of encouraging an increase in voter participation, the current Republican Legislature and governor seem to be trying to reduce the number of voters who want to use the ballot box. Let’s see what the next election results bring to this state. Will these results be the will of the people of Florida or a manufactured and orchestrated win for only the GOP?

Roy G. Valdes, Tampa

Not race haters

Invoking Jan. 6, Dems push for voting laws | Jan. 11

The president has effectively called me — and others like me — race haters because we are opposed to the Democrats’ push for a sweeping voting bill that makes many changes to rules regarding voting and campaign finance. He failed to mention the specific proposals within this 800-page document to prove his point. But, many Americans believe that (1) unless proven unconstitutional, states prescribe election law; (2) all citizens are smart enough to carry ID; (3) the opportunity for fraud should be minimized and (4) the freedom to contribute financially to campaigns should be as sacred and private as the right to vote.

Terrence Stapleton, Tarpon Springs

Loyal to whom?

Biden puts the blame on Trump | Jan. 7

I’m beginning to see the term “Trump loyalists” and wonder to whom is Donald Trump loyal? He lives in a mansion and never actually spends time with his rank-and-file supporters. However, he has cheated on his wives, apparently defrauded business partners, underpaid his taxes, abused the legal system plus told countless lies. I have to ask: How does that kind of personality create loyalty?

Susan Elbare, Tampa


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