Why are Biden’s poll numbers not even worse, given the job he’s done? | Letters
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President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden [ EVAN VUCCI | AP ]
Published Jan. 19

Why are Biden’s poll numbers not even worse?

After Biden’s first year, the virus, disunity rage on | Jan. 17

I always hope a new president will do well, but the current administration has been nothing but a disappointment. How can I have confidence in President Joe Biden dealing with foreign leaders when he appears afraid to hold news conferences? The coronavirus is as bad as ever even though candidate Biden promised to fix it. Before the Biden administration, inflation was under control. Now it is the worst in 40 years. The list goes on. Still, approximately 42 percent of the population believes Biden is doing a good job. I wonder why anyone would think he is doing a good job?

Bob Butler, Tampa

Rules to make us safer

Djokovic deported, exits Australia | Jan. 17

Vaccination mandates exist for the same reason that people have to stop for red lights and stop signs: public safety. A vaccinated person is much less likely to endanger others or die. Hopefully the U.S. Supreme Court will not declare traffic laws an infringement on civil rights.

Pete Wilford, Holiday

Just teach the truth

Pinellas teacher accused of Marxist lessons | Jan. 18

I am writing to add my small voice to support Dunedin High School history teacher Brandt Robinson. The attack on him is a perfect example of the ignorance and fear that runs rampant among some who are afraid that they will lose their privileged status. I believe this fear fuels Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign to become the next Donald Trump. We are stronger, not weaker, when we acknowledge that some of our past history and present behavior does not jibe with our professed ideals. The truth can set us free.

Susan Sumnick, Riverview

Who’s the snowflake?

RNC threatens to boycott official presidential debates | Jan. 14

So the Republican National Committee said it’s planning to force candidates to pledge not to participate in any debates that the politically neutral Commission on Presidential Debates sponsors. I guess the RNC is angry that Donald Trump wasn’t allowed to continue plowing through other candidates’ statements without being challenged. It sounds like what the RNC wants is yet another rule change in its favor, reinforcing the conclusion it simply can’t win a fair fight. And they call Democrats “snowflakes”?

Cynthia Shellabarger, Tampa


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