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Here’s what readers are saying in Thursday’s letters to the editor.
Across the Tampa Bay region, the roads are a dangerous place for pedestrians and cyclists.
Across the Tampa Bay region, the roads are a dangerous place for pedestrians and cyclists.
Published Jan. 20

Inattentive speeders

To cross Pinellas roads is a risk | Jan. 17

Anyone driving in Pinellas County and paying attention can easily ascertain why so many pedestrians and bicyclists are killed or severely injured: speeding, inattention (drivers using their cell phones), pedestrians not using a crosswalk and people out walking in dark, unlit streets. In my opinion, inattention and speeding are the biggest culprits. As a motorcyclist, drivers who almost hit me on a daily basis are doing everything but driving. When out in the streets, whether driving, walking, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, a person has to be very diligent and defensive and watch every vehicle around them. Treat every vehicle as a possible threat because you never know what that driver is doing or going to do. Drivers can make poor decisions, and you don’t want to end up as a statistic. Be careful out there!

Alan Roberts, Largo

Punishment enough

Solitary defined: matter of opinion | Jan. 16

In your front page article on solitary confinement, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Corrections denied its usage even as another department spokesperson described it. I would like to encourage documented, regular, formal, professional reviews of confinements, with short solitary time limits being observed. I believe that time spent behind bars is punishment enough. We need to show fair and humane treatment to those jailed, if we want them to be able to someday interface with our society. I also do worry about support of jail staff, who are asked to work in understaffed and stressful conditions.

Christine M. Edwards, Holiday

Socialism for the rich

Taxpayer funding for baseball stadium | Jan. 16

When it comes to the proposed taxpayer funding for a new Tampa Bay Rays stadium, I believe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: “This country has socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the poor.”

Mark Brown, Tampa

Set priorities

Bill to require national anthem at pro sports events | Jan. 19

Just wow! We are facing the crisis of homelessness, hunger, lack of education, hatred, insufficient wages, COVID, poverty, voter suppression, environmental poisoning, human trafficking, domestic abuse, climate disasters and lack of health care; the list goes on and on and on and on. So what is a priority in Tallahassee? Yes, it is the absolute need to force professional sports venues to play the national anthem before every home game or lose state and local funding. This is not a problem.

Aimee Case, Treasure Island


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