Dr. Raul Pino is an example of ethical health leadership in Florida | Letters
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Dr. Raul Pino
Dr. Raul Pino
Published Jan. 28, 2022

An ethical official

Not a good example | Editorial, Jan. 25

This Tampa Bay Times editorial highlights all that is wrong with Florida’s current leadership. When a respected leader of a health care organization expresses his educated concern about his agency’s abysmally low vaccination rate and the governor has an immediate hissy fit and suspends him, we Floridians are in serious trouble. Ethical leadership means doing the right thing for the right reasons. I believe Gov. Ron DeSantis is focused on his own selfish and seriously unreasonable petty demands. Kudos to suspended Orange County public health chief Raul Pino for doing the right — and ethical — thing, encouraging citizens to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated. I’m an adjunct professor of communication at the University of Tampa, and my students recognize the value of this advice. A good example for all.

Kirk Hazlett, Riverview

What offends the founders

Mike Pence column in Washington Post

In a column in the Washington Post, Mike Pence made the questionable claim that the Founding Fathers would have been “offended” by recent voting legislation. What is not questionable is that the founders would have been offended by a sitting president who lost a fair election and incessantly lied to the American people about that election’s veracity; some members of Congress abdicating their constitutional duty by participating in those lies; and Trump’s attempts, and the acquiesce of many Republican leaders to put in place before the midterms people who are loyal to Trump, so that if it comes down to it in 2024 he can use them to try to overturn an election.

Todd Tanney, Clearwater

It’s still the economy

Joe Biden could learn a lot from Bill Clinton | Column, Jan. 27

Perhaps the most famous quote of the Bill Clinton era came from his political strategist, James Carville: “It’s the economy, stupid.” In recognition of Americans’ long history of voting their pocketbooks, Clinton made the economy the No. 1 campaign issue. Among Clinton’s more noteworthy accomplishments as president was a balanced budget with surpluses for fiscal years 1998–2001.

During President Joe Biden’s first 12 months in office, I believe the economy improved more than any other president’s inaugural year since Richard Nixon. Corporate profits were up and GDP, even when adjusted for inflation, surged. So, it seems Biden has learned from Clinton. What Biden has not learned is how to combat the narrative, most prominent in right wing media, that he is underperforming.

Jim Paladino, Tampa