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Remember when the Florida Lottery was pitched as a way to add money to education?
Remember when the Florida Lottery was pitched as a way to add money to education? [ Florida Lottery ]
Published Feb. 7

What happened to the lottery?

Schools chief pitches new tax | Feb. 4

What? Before even reading the article that the Hillsborough County school superintendent wants to look into a special property tax for schools, I think back to the inception of the Florida Lottery, how it was going supplement the Florida school system budget — that is, add to funding for education. That would have ended the annual scramble for money by the Legislature. Now, to quote the sub-headline, “As finances worsen, one board member favors adding a special property levy to the ballot.” As if property taxes aren’t high enough already. Yet, I see ads on the television about new lottery games, news articles on grandiose lottery jackpots, etc. Why can’t the percentage of lottery profits dedicated to supplementing our education system be increased a percent or two to cover the shortfall. Properly finance the education of our children and decrease the jackpot payouts to people gambling on the lottery. It would be a benefit to actually fully fund education through the state budget. Let’s get our priorities straight.

John Paul Jones, Seffner

Recycle our drinking water

Tampa will continue exploring wastewater reuse | Feb. 4

I commend Tampa Mayor Jane Castor’s visionary consideration of reusing city wastewater. I have been aware of this recycling procedure ever since being given a tour of such a treatment facility in 1973, but yet many people object to this idea. Singapore and Australia, among other countries, and some people in states such as California, Virginia and New Mexico are already drinking recycled water. Water scarcity is progressively becoming a worldwide problem, and such water recycling is a viable and safe solution.

George Petrick, Riverview

Goats and sheep

GOAT’s final bow | Feb. 2

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems ironic that in the GOAT’s last game, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady lost to a bunch of Rams.

Paul Carastro, Tampa


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