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An active construction scene is pictured in March 2021 at the future site of a residential tower in St. Petersburg.
An active construction scene is pictured in March 2021 at the future site of a residential tower in St. Petersburg. [ MARTHA ASENCIO RHINE | Times ]
Published Feb. 21, 2022

One way to stem development

Bill would ban local wage | Feb. 17

Finally some good news! I’ve been trying to figure out how we locals can slow down the tsunami of developers that are turning our St. Petersburg into a sea of sun-blocking high-rise condos — and finally there’s hope. If Power Design and its pals get their way and this bill is passed, it would, as the Times reports, “prohibit local governments from setting a minimum wage higher than the state’s current $10 an hour for employees and contractors.” If that happens, I’m betting that construction workers will leave this area in droves. It happened a few years ago when hurricanes blew through. I seem to recall that cities to the north of us were paying twice the local rate for construction workers, and these guys follow the money.

Robert Dalzell, St Petersburg

Consider tax controls

Affordable housing study explores options for St. Pete | Feb. 16

Instead of politicians considering rent controls, they should be looking at tax controls. This is something that impacts everyone. If rent controls are established, that creates another group of people who will be affected because the cost of owning property as opposed to renting is continually increasing. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is a failed idea.

Barry Koestler, St. Petersburg

Let everyone vote

Open primaries in Florida

More than 29 percent of Florida voters do not join either the Democratic or Republican party. At every primary election, they cannot vote at all. This is a prime reason why both parties offer candidates with extreme opinions in the general election. Our non-party members should demand a Florida constitutional amendment opening the primaries to their votes. I expect that this would send many of our more extreme politicians packing.

R.H. Parta, Bradenton

Riding Germany’s solar express

The attempt to stifle Florida’s booming solar industry is an attack on consumers | Column, Feb. 15

On a related note: last summer we took a trip to Germany. Upon arrival at Frankfurt we stepped right into the connected airport train station. Cruising through the countryside the display on our train showed our speed at 170 mph and also said, “This train is powered 100 percent by renewable energy.” Amazing on so many levels, isn’t it?

Oliver Niestrat, Tampa