One way to cut the pain at the gas pump? Get rid of that big SUV | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Friday’s letters to the editor.
A car is shown at a gas pump in North Miami.
A car is shown at a gas pump in North Miami. [ WILFREDO LEE | AP ]
Published Mar. 18

Do you need that SUV?

How high are gasoline prices today, really? | PolitiFact, March 14

Americans’ outrage over rising gas prices seems to conflict with their obsession over buying giant gas-guzzling pickup trucks and SUVs. While, of course, some people may need a large, low-mileage pickup truck, the vast majority of people I know simply want one. Yet after buying a truck that at best gets 15 miles to the gallon, they throw a fit when gas prices go up. Maybe we should all buy smarter, not bigger.

John Skey, Bradenton

Watch that 4-year-old type

What to expect from K-12 test overhaul | March 17

The story on Florida’s new testing plans says that “from prekindergarten through 10th grade, students will be tested three times a year with the new computer-based system.” I’d love to see Gov. Ron DeSantis lead Florida’s pre-K classrooms on the days our computer-savvy 4- and 5-year-olds take their tests!

Anne L. Hall, St. Petersburg

Integrity counts

Is Kinzinger’s apology too little, too late? | Column, March 17

Again, columnist Leonard Pitts makes a great point regarding Adam Kinzinger’s apology. Kinzinger is sorry that he did not vote to impeach Donald Trump for holding back money for Ukraine (for Trump’s personal, political gain). Pitts is right that the apology should serve as a lesson for other politicians. Kinzinger, however, voted as he did because he had not yet made the decision not to run again. He has since decided not to seek re-election. That is what prompted him to say he was wrong. The Republican Party has proven again and again that integrity is not a party value.

Ann Jamieson, St Petersburg

A big story

Texas mail ballot rejections soar under new laws | March 17

In Thursday’s Tampa Bay Times on page 12A is a story titled, “Texas mail ballots rejections soar under new laws in first ‘22 primary.” It is the most important story of the day that affects our democracy and it is buried inside. It should have been on page one.

John Tischner, Dunedin


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