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Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. [ JOHN RAOUX | AP ]
Published Apr. 25

What happened to less government?

Florida Republicans fire shot at Disney; Reedy Creek bill heads to DeSantis’ desk | April 21

Republicans have always touted that they were the party of less government. When did they become the party of more government? All about banning or limiting? Limit Disney, limit books, limit voting rights, limit masks, limit vaccines, limit women’s rights, limit gay rights, limit teachers’ rights, limit Black representation, limit local government control, limit school boards’ rights and limit solar energy. Republicans want to make our personal medical decisions for us, police whom we love and what we learn, and attack people striving for a better future instead of focusing on the real issues facing the people of our state like lowering the cost of housing and health care, increasing wages, fighting for equal rights for everyone ensuring Floridians freedoms.

Cindy Heinlein, Lutz

Sad for the students

Climate change also affects mental health. Call it eco-anxiety. | April 22

I read this story aloud to my wife, telling her it was from the Babylon Bee (a conservative Christian news satire website). We laughed together briefly until I told her it was the lead story on the Tampa Bay Times’ website. We’re now depressed for the students, who’ve been sold this hysteria. They were obviously not raised in homes that acknowledge our need to be as clean as practical, but that climate change began long before humans, at times when the Earth actually had zero ice. They were raised blinded to the blessing fossil fuels have been to humanity; imagine all the positives made possible for them. Those with eco-anxiety are universally from the first world. Because we are so blessed with no real issues of existential threat, they have the ability to create one in their minds. Go tell the Uyghurs how bad plastic cups are. Go tell a Central American girl sold into rape/slavery the same. I’m sure the Ukrainians will lend a shoulder for them all to cry on. Gratitude is the basis for happiness. The eco-obsessed do nothing to demonstrate any. Shame on the “adults” in the classroom for continually stoking the fire of their despair. Regardless of the policy costs in fighting the unwinnable, the Earth will continue to turn, the climate will continue to change, and governments will continue to loot the people.

Jason Barrera, Oldsmar

A long time from now

Piling up a hazard | April 20

The excellent article sadly fails to address the “gorilla in the room,” how long that nuclear waste, based on conservative estimates, will have to be stored: thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of years, or more. What a mess for future generations. We must stop the use and construction of all nuclear power plants.

Mike Allen, Dunedin


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