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Waterfront homes are pictured in the Vina Del Mar neighborhood on St. Pete Beach.
Waterfront homes are pictured in the Vina Del Mar neighborhood on St. Pete Beach. [ MARTHA ASENCIO-RHINE | Times ]
Published Apr. 28

The water will come

One practical way for Florida to prepare for sea-level rise | Editorial, April 27

Sure, let’s build bigger, better seawalls. That is certain to stop the waves until it doesn’t. And I suppose the government should pay for these new seawalls that will last until the water goes a little higher than or around the walls. And then I suppose we can build even bigger seawalls. A better idea is to accept the fact that the water will rise and those living next to rising water will lose their homes when that happens. I suggest stopping the federal flood insurance program; phase it out over 30 years or so. Over time those living on the waterfront will move back from it or will be willing to self-insure. If independent developers are willing to take a chance on construction next to rising water, let them. Let’s look forward 100 or 200 years and start understanding how humans will have to face the rising seas and begin that process now instead of wasting government money. After all, it’s estimated to cost $75 billion to raise and repair every existing wall in Florida by 2040.

E. Seward, Odessa

Who is wasting tax dollars?

DeSantis signs voting bill | April 26

So Gov. Ron DeSantis creates the 25-person Office of Election Crimes and Security to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. This is an amazing waste of my tax dollars. In the same story Rep. Chris Latvala is quoted as saying, “If these arrogant liberals want to sue our great governor and Legislature to overturn the elections bill, bring it on. It will not be the first time they have wasted our tax dollars.” So who exactly is wasting our tax dollars? I say it’s our (not-great) governor and our Republican Legislature.

Gregory Premer, St. Pete Beach

Just keep watching

Who will cover Disney’s debts? | April 26

You know who will cover Disney’s debt? Disney will. Here’s why: This law is nothing but another dog and pony show by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The law would dissolve the districts on June 1, 2023, though it would allow the Legislature to re-establish the districts before then. So this law gets passed to fire up DeSantis supporters before the 2022 election, then in the March and April 2023 session of the Florida Legislature they say, “Oh, never mind!” and re-establish the special taxing districts and act as if nothing happened. Pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Charles Smith, St. Petersburg


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