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Published May 16, 2022

‘Grow a spine’

Florida Democrats struggle to find spotlight in race against DeSantis | May 12

Forget the alleged coming “Red Tide.” The Democrats should sweep these elections. What is the matter with them? They are a bunch of unorganized wimps. The GOP handed them the biggest gifts ever, namely the recent Roe draft opinion, unfair redistricting, voter fraud, racism, white supremacy and gun ownership (in Florida) with no permits and training, just to name a few. They should be hammering on these “gifts” every day, 24 hours a day. Get off your butts and get moving. Grow a spine, to put it mildly.

John J. Tischner III, Dunedin

Preparing to raise kids

Life after Roe v Wade | May 12

It is not a matter of putting the cart before the horse, there is no cart! Government is mandating childbirth without putting into place the necessary health care that goes with it; has not provided adequate, qualified daycare to accommodate existing babies and children; and, as of this writing, is unable to keep infant formula on store shelves. Parents are desperate now for these things and no answers are in sight. Congress has not addressed these issues.

L J Phillips, Brooksville

Can’t be both ways

Secretary of State Laurel Lee won praise for her oversight of state elections under Gov. Ron DeSantis | May 13

The headline said “Secretary of State Laurel Lee won praise for her oversight of state elections under Gov. Ron DeSantis.” Wait, what? What about all the irregularities that prompted the governor to establish a voter fraud investigation unit? What about the fraud that went on in The Villages? What about the claim that just because we don’t have any evidence of ballot harvesting doesn’t mean it didn’t happen? Are these the alternative facts I keep hearing about? You can’t have it both ways.

Terrence S. Callahan, Crystal Beach

There you go again

The stakes for the governor’s race in Florida have just gotten higher | Column, May 13

There you go again. It is impossible for the Tampa Bay Times to post an abortion column that doesn’t include the same rhetoric. “(It) does not even allow exceptions for rape and incest” wrote guest columnist Alex Sink. Okay, I am a man, so maybe I don’t understand all the talking points, but Florida law outlaws nearly all abortions after 15 weeks. Isn’t that more than enough time for a pregnant woman to know if the conception was caused by rape or incest?

Bruce Margolis, Lake Mary

Unhelpful cartoon

Lisa Benson Editorial Cartoon | May 13

Lisa Benson’s editorial indictment of President Joe Biden on inflation is misleading and ignorant. I think we can all agree that the cost of fuel is the primary driver of inflation along with unabated greed. Perhaps, short of emptying our national oil reserve, Ms. Benson can suggest a solution that really addresses the problem?

Paul E. Ouellette, Spring Hill