The electric grid isn’t free | Letters
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FPL energy grid equipment in Fort Lauderdale.
FPL energy grid equipment in Fort Lauderdale.
Published May 21, 2022

You pay for the grid

My solar story | Letter, May 20

I commend this letter writer for his investment of $22,000 in solar panels. He complains about the $17.55 “minimum bill adjustment” he received after sending back more electricity than he used, that was generated by his solar panels. What he is not considering is that he sent back the extra electricity that was generated through his solar panels using Duke Energy’s infrastructure. If he doesn’t want this $17.55 adjustment on his bill, he needs to figure out a way to bundle his extra electricity, put it in his car and deliver it to Duke Energy himself. Good luck with that.

Earl Jeup, Wesley Chapel

We don’t all think alike

In wake of the Buffalo mass shooting, let’s pity the poor white people ... again | Column, May 19

First, it appears that Leonard Pitts watches Fox News and takes the opinion of Tucker Carlson as that of every white conservative in the United States. Here’s a secret, Mr. Pitts: There is an invention called a TV remote control. Also, can you imagine the outrage if you replaced “Fox” with “MSNBC,” “Tucker Carlson” with “Rachel Maddow” and “white” with “Black”? No matter the subject, I believe it would immediately be deemed racist. I think Leonard Pitts’ columns are a reason why the races are and will continue to be so divided.

Scott Shimer, Land O Lakes

The anti-formula party?

Republicans vote against baby formula bill | May 20

So 192 Republicans voted against a bill to address the nation’s baby formula shortage. This from the supposed pro-life party. Makes one wonder what they will vote against next — motherhood and apple pie?

Nilufer Wilkins, Tampa

Target the right problem

These are the stories we will tell ourselves about the shooting in Buffalo | Column, May 20

With the recent shootings, lawmakers and citizens are crying for more gun control laws. However, none of these people and lawmakers have explained how to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, who don’t obey laws in the first place and people with mental/emotional disorders who also won’t obey the laws if they scheme to kill people. Let’s focus more on how to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and those with mental/emotional disorders. All more gun control laws will do is handcuff law-abiding citizens from legally purchasing weapons to protect themselves, property and family.

K. Howe, Port Richey