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The African American History Monument on the Grounds of the South Carolina State House.
The African American History Monument on the Grounds of the South Carolina State House. [ Dreamstime ]
Published May 24

The whole truth

Top 2022 seniors urge honesty on race, US history | May 23

The governor and state legislators should learn from the wisdom and suggestions from top high school scholars of Hillsborough County about the effect and teaching of race in our state’s educational system. Their summary is that shielding students from the truth or teaching only what is comfortable is part of the problem. The students felt that both the good and bad parts of history must be told. All agreed that talking about race in history is uncomfortable but definitely not a reason to stop studying it so as to not have history repeat itself. They want to be taught the whole truth. How refreshing.

Jackie Kanner, St. Petersburg

Two conditions on aid

Congress OKs latest $40b to help Ukraine fend off Russia | May 20

Congress has approved $40 billion to help Ukraine. That’s great, but that’s money this country doesn’t have. So, it will effectively go on the feds’ charge card (you know, the one with no limit). To put things in perspective, that would give each and every citizen in this country about $121. So if we’re going to do this, I want the president to stand up and tell us two things: 1. With this support, Ukraine will not be run over by Russian forces and lose the war and, 2. that these weapons and money that we are sending to Ukraine will not fall into the wrong hands and be used against us later. If you can’t promise this, then you’re just rolling the dice at a crap table with borrowed money.

Jere White, Tampa

Help the homeowner

The 7 big insurance issues | May 23

Our homeowner’s insurance policy was renewed in March as it had been for several years (though this time, with a $1,500 increase in premium). Then a few days ago I received a form letter stating that my policy would be cancelled on June 30. Though I don’t hold out much hope for necessary change or anything close to a solution, I would plea for the current special legislative session to respond in a way that protects homeowners just as much as it does insurers and failed insurers.

Carl vom Eigen, Tarpon Springs


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