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Family nurse practitioner Elyse Roelans draws a dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at a CVS Minute Clinic in Davie in November 2021.
Family nurse practitioner Elyse Roelans draws a dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at a CVS Minute Clinic in Davie in November 2021.
Published Jun. 13

What’s at stake

Special Olympics drops vaccine rule after $27M fine threat from DeSantis administration | June 3

As a leader, our governor was quick to down play the pandemic while the medical/science experts were figuring it out on the fly. He pushed unproven methods that don’t work. I wonder how many people in Florida died because they didn’t get a vaccine based primarily on the direction of our governor. These are actual deaths that occurred when the people most likely would have survived if they had been vaccinated, but they didn’t do it because of what they heard our governor say. His focus on critical race theory, voter suppression, transgender discrimination and punishing those who speak out when they don’t agree with him are a red flag for me. If you want a real leader, be careful whom you vote for. There’s a lot more at stake than worrying about who’s using the public bathroom.

Stephan Fugleberg, Tampa

Not feeling safer

We have freedoms that transcend the Second Amendment | Letter, June 6

Does anyone really think that you are safer when every person you meet can have a gun? If you do, think of all the occurrences in your daily activity where someone else’s gun would have made you more vulnerable.

Greg Matthews, St. Petersburg

When is it political?

DeSantis harpoons the Tampa Bay Rays | Another voice, June 8

Please clarify. The Tampa Bay Rays demonstrated their support for gun safety. The governor says that is a political statement. Questions follow. Does that mean a message of support for any group, or just some groups, creates a political statement? Who decides? The governor?

MaryAnn Sanchez, Palm Harbor

It’s the guns

Limit guns ... on TV, etc. | Letter, June 9

I agree with the letter writer that there are too many video games, TV shows and movies that glamorize guns. I think it probably desensitizes children — and adults — to the reality of violence and gun use, and I, like many parents, have had struggles with my son regarding the amount and type of video games and TV shows he is allowed to play and watch. However, why is it that other comparable countries have the same video games and violence on TV, yet do not have nearly the problem we do with gun violence in schools or elsewhere? The only difference is the amount of guns in our society compared to these other countries, and the training and checks required to own a gun in the few such countries where gun ownership is somewhat common.

John Skey, Bradenton


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