President Biden and his own Big Lie about record gas prices | Letters
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Gas prices are displayed at a filling station in Philadelphia on Thursday.
Gas prices are displayed at a filling station in Philadelphia on Thursday. [ MATT ROURKE | AP ]
Published June 18, 2022

Biden’s inflation

Fed attacks inflation with its largest rate hike since 1994 | June 15

Former President Donald Trump continues to perpetuate what has become known as the Big Lie, that his re-election was stolen. President Joe Biden is working on establishing his own Big Lie — that gas prices and inflation are totally the result of a pandemic and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. I nominate it for the 2022 Lie of the Year.

Dave Loeffert, Dunedin

We are spoiled

After setting record, when will Florida gas prices drop? | June 7

We are spoiled. I just returned from Spain where gas is almost $11 a gallon. There were just as many cars, but they were no bigger than a Toyota Corolla and were all four cylinder. I didn’t see a large pickup truck or an SUV in two weeks. We were spoiled by low interest rates. In 1986, our mortgage rate was 9%, and in the Reagan years inflation was so high that our CD’s paid 14%. Inflation will slow; gas will cost less; and the stock market will recover. How quickly we forget.

Carl Zielonka, Tampa

Trust our ‘leaders’?

Florida late in ordering COVID vaccines | June 16

So Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, ever at the urging of Gov. Ron DeSantis, feels he needs greater expertise than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine state policies protecting our youngest and most vulnerable from COVID-19. Has he cited any of his sources? Both ”leaders” have consistently downplayed the best science available to keep us as safe as possible. What’s next for them, secede Florida from the Union? Please know your vote has real consequences, sometimes the life-and-death kind.

Jack Parrish, Tampa

John Romano rocks

Too soon to wonder if the Lightning can be called a dynasty? Heck, no. | Column

Columnist John Romano’s piece about teams that have won the Stanley Cup three or more times is a great replay with historic highlights, biographical bits and management minutia. We, his readers, are grateful for his erudition and style of presentation. He is the brightest diamond in a collection of gems.

Mortimer Brown, Lutz

Voters need to change

Here We Are, Four Years Later | June 12

I have heard it said that a sign of insanity is doing the same thing the same way repeatedly and expecting a different result. Yet, for whatever reason, the electorate in this country march too the polls, when their elected representatives allow it, in every election cycle and vote for the same person or letter (D or R) and expect change. A change in gun laws, a change in women’s rights, a change in voting rights or any change in public policy. However, what must change is the mind of the voter and who or what they vote for; otherwise nothing changes. Subsequently we, the people, will be in the same spot four years from now. Same gun laws and more dead children, same restrictions on women’s rights and the same bigotry and hate. Insanity!

John Stansbury, Brooksville