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Here’s what readers are saying in Tuesday’s letters to the editor.
The Cross Bay Ferry is shown carrying passengers headed from St. Petersburg to Tampa.
The Cross Bay Ferry is shown carrying passengers headed from St. Petersburg to Tampa.
Published Jun. 21

Ferry can work

Ferry doesn’t relieve bridge congestion | June 19

I was disappointed with the Times editorial on the Cross-Bay Ferry. It did not mention that by 2024 the ferry plans to operate year-round with more frequent service, which should help alleviate congestion. Also, while tourists may be the primary users, many locals use it as well. I have made many trips to Tampa for shows at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Lightning games or a Tampa “staycation.” Using the ferry meant not calling a rideshare service and having another car on the road.

The bigger issue here is a lack of interest on the part of Floridians to use mass transit. In the Northeast, busses, trains and subways are a part of daily life. In fact, many people there have drivers’ licenses but no car because mass transit is cheaper and more convenient. Try telling that to a Floridian. The ferry can work once it expands its service and people stop turning up their nose at mass transit. And, in the meantime, what is wrong with allocating funds to get people used to the idea. It benefits businesses on both sides of Tampa Bay.

Christopher Winters, St. Petersburg

End the war in Ukraine

US hopes arms surge will sap Putin’s will | June 19

It seems time, after thousands of years of war, that the United Nations should declare war a crime. Any county that starts a war on another county should be in violation of the UN charter and be removed from the United Nations until the war ends, and they pay for reconstruction before being re-instated.

Cornelius Cosentino, Tampa

DeSantis and grand jury

Gov. Ron DeSantis is the champion of the cheap political stunt, so it is hardly surprising he is seeking to convene a grand jury to investigate a conspiracy “to illegally bring migrants to Florida.” Immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans, use government services at lower rates despite paying taxes that support those services, and create more jobs than they take. Immigrants built this nation and continue to do so.

Michael K. Cantwell, Delray Beach

Dem’s risky bet

Who are the Democrats becoming? | June 18

As a lifelong supporter of the Democratic party I was appalled to read S.E. Cupp’s column detailing the use of contributions from Democratic PACs to support far right candidates in Republican primaries, in hopes that the extreme candidate would be easier to beat in the general election. In addition to the fact that the tactic apparently doesn’t always have the intended outcome, it is, for me, fundamentally unethical. I would not want Democrats to use money for something so manipulative and dishonest that I start to wonder why I am a Democrat. Perhaps it’s time to register as an Independent.

Sharyn Steiner, Largo


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