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President Donald Trump greets the crowd at at a rally on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C..
President Donald Trump greets the crowd at at a rally on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C.. [ TASOS KATOPODIS | Getty Images North America ]
Published Jun. 22

Suckers and their money

Jan. 6 hearings: What we’ve learned, and what’s next | June 15

I live and work in the heart of Trumplandia. Right after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol many of the local Trump supporters I know were incensed in their belief the election was stolen from him and defended the actions of the insurrectionists. Interestingly enough, now I can’t find one among them who will even admit they sent in money to his election defense fund. I suspect most know deep down in their hearts they were played for suckers.

Brian Walkowiak, Saint Petersburg

More Barry Golson, please

Our whack-a-mole life | June 19

Thank you so much for featuring Barry Golson’s columns. I thoroughly enjoy reading everything he writes. Mr. Golson is a local treasure.

Paul Wyness, Saint Petersburg

Cash for guns?

To fight gun violence, Tampa Police will pay you $100 for that firearm | June 20

Is incentivizing gang members to break into cars, homes and gun shops to steal guns and sell them back to the city with no questions asked a really good idea?

John Spengler, Spring Hill

Peggy Noonan again?

Trump voters need a new direction | Column, June 20

What is this love affair the Tampa Bay Times has with columnist Peggy Noonan? Her piece on Monday has as its second sentence, “I never meet Americans who love America more than Trump people do.” Oh really? You mean the same MAGA patriots who overran the Capitol on Jan. 6, or the same ones who promote division with their conspiracies and hatred, or the same ones who ban math books and rainbows or put out more hurdles to voting? How many times a month does she get into this newspaper with her three-quarter to full page pro-conservative drivel, when you have perfectly good Florida grown writers like Daniel Ruth and Leonard Pitts? Replace her column with world opinion pieces that reflect what the outside world thinks of our body politic.

Ramon Navarro, Riverview

Repurpose the bridge

A new Howard Frankland is rising, with tolls, bike lanes and room for rail | June 16, 2021

The Department of Transportation plans to demolish a span of the Howard Frankland Bridge in 2025 when the new eight-lane bridge opens. A better idea is to repurpose the bridge: Install a 5-mile long, 50-foot-wide solar array canopy over what can be called the Clean Energy Bridge Trail. If the load limit for the pedestrian trail was reduced to 4 tons, the bridge would last a very long time. Sale of the clean energy from the solar array would pay salaries, security and upkeep of the bridge.

Neil Cosentino, Tampa


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