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Will an Independent Party ever rival the Democrats and Republicans?
Will an Independent Party ever rival the Democrats and Republicans? [ SHARON DOMINICK | ]
Published June 25, 2022

Independent party

GOP may win midterms, but it can’t hang on to power | June 23

Jonah Goldberg’s column brings light to the fact that “more Americans identify as independent (42%) than as Republicans (28%) or Democrats (28%),” and “60% of voters now want a new major party to provide an alternative.”

An Independent Party should be and could be every bit as viable and credible as either of the more formally recognized Republican and Democrat parties. There has never been a better time to establish a strong and well organized third party of independents, committed to offering a presidential candidate with more reasoned, measured and moderate leadership, more focused on country than self. I think voters are clamoring for a more tempered, sensible approach to governance.

I have been a registered Republican for over 50 years, but the Republican Party today is not the one I signed on for. Today’s Republican and Democratic parties seem to be the parties of extremists.

An Independent Party candidate would have independence of thought, have a genuine commitment to making America a better place for all who live here, and not be intimidated by political pressure to tow the party line or kowtow to big money special interest political donors. I am confident those individuals are out there.

If ever there was a critical and opportune time it is now.

Dave Loeffert, Dunedin

Roe v. Wade

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion | June 24

Today is a sad day with the overturning of Roe vs, Wade. There will be backroom abortions. Who is going to take care of patients who have botched abortions? There will be unwanted children. Who will raise them so that they become productive citizens? The answer is you and me.

Marilyn S. Warner, Clearwater

Dear “pro-life” friends

I understand that many of you relish this day. You succeeded in turning the law of our land upside down. The irony is that Roe v Wade did not have to be overturned for you to exercise your personal beliefs. If you do not believe that abortion was acceptable due to religious, family, community or personal beliefs, you have always been free not to have one. The problem with your line of reasoning is that you wish to impose your religious, family, community or personal beliefs on others. In other words, your freedom remains, as always, not to have an abortion. Yet, for reasons that I cannot comprehend, your beliefs now constitutionally outweigh my beliefs about freedom. The freedom to choose. The freedom for individuals to decide what is best for themselves rather than what the “government” decides is best.

John Avery, St. Pete Beach

Prohibition doesn’t work

This decision was dumb. Can’t we ever learn from Prohibition and the failed war on drugs, that making something illegal just drives it underground, and encourages criminals?

Derek Lewis, St Petersburg

Worse to come

Pain and regret are coming, but violence has already arrived | June 23

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. writes of the peril of political violence that can occur on either side of the political aisle, while making it clear that one party is actually embracing it as a winning strategy.

With representatives like Adam Kinzinger, R-Illinois, threatened with death for merely doing an honest job, the use of violence as political theater has become grotesque. This is a national emergency that is not being adequately addressed and will soon explode. With the former president as cheerleader, it seems our democratic republic has reached its demise.

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