What part of ‘well-regulated militia’ do you not understand? | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Thursday’s letters to the editor.
Revolutionary War-era re-enactors enter Easton's Centre Square in Pennsylvania.
Revolutionary War-era re-enactors enter Easton's Centre Square in Pennsylvania. [ KURT BRESSWEIN | FOR | The Express-Times ]
Published July 7, 2022

Join the National Guard

7 killed, 30 hurt in parade shooting | July 5

I would love to know, from my friends who read the U.S. Constitution literally — or as textualists or originalists — what part of the Second Amendment they don’t get. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” If you want access to assault weapons — and the proper training to use them safely — please enlist and serve your country and state at the same time in the National Guard (our well-regulated militia). Those of you who choose otherwise? I believe that you have no constitutional right to military-purpose assault weapons. Our present course, the weakening of weapon regulation, is not working. So let’s do the opposite, while respecting the intent of the Second Amendment, and in time these destructive weapons of mass killing will be out of the hands of the unstable.

Jack Parrish, Tampa

Limit the ammo

7 killed, 30 hurt in parade shooting | July 5

If weapon ownership cannot limited, then we should make every effort to get high-velocity ammo out of circulation. This would save many lives.

Louis A. Carliner, Lecanto

Abortion is not contraception

Better contraception today | Letter, July 5

No woman uses abortion as a means of contraception. That’s insane. It’s none of anyone’s business why I may want or need an abortion. It is a matter of my right to privacy as promised in the Florida Constitution. As for the U.S. Supreme Court, I don’t believe it is the place of five old men and one extremely religious white woman to make those decisions for me.

Fern Williams, Zephyrhills

Make buses free

A streetcar desired | July 3

That’s great that people have embraced the trolley in downtown Tampa and that there are plans to expand it. The free trolley fare might play a role in its popularity. Why not make buses free as well? It’d be great to see the bus system here thrive as well. Other cities have done this with great results.

Elizabeth Corwin, Tampa