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The Lady Justice sculpture stands in front of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in downtown Tampa.
The Lady Justice sculpture stands in front of the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in downtown Tampa. [ TIMES (2017) ]
Published Jul. 27

Down goes Lady Justice

AP-NORC pole: 2 in 3 favor term limits for justices | July 26

It’s time to ax another statue. With polls showing 67% are in favor of dismantling the Supreme Court, could Lady Justice be the next statue on the chopping block? When one’s ideologies don’t jibe with opinions, cries go out to pack the court or impose term limits. Like the kid on the playground who takes his ball and goes home when things don’t get their way. On another such kerfuffle, President Barack Obama reminded America that we are a nation of laws. Let’s not let our political leanings be the force that topples the statue of Lady Justice.

Mark H. Campbell, St. Petersburg

A remote answer

Science and engineering majors need early prep | Column, July 24

I read the column about the lack of physics and other sciences in many of our public high schools. Even though I attended the second-poorest high school in Memphis, Tennessee (funding, books, teachers and residents in the area), I was fortunate enough to take two years of chemistry and one year of physics along with what was referred to “college prep” classes. This allowed me to be selected for two of the military academies.

Why don’t we learn some of the lessons that we learned from colleges and grades 1-12 during the pandemic? Why can’t we allow students that want to take those classes to do so online (in the afternoon or evening)? You could have students from a number of schools from all over a school district taking the same class. Money that would be spent for teachers for a small number of students at one school could be pooled for one teacher. Money could also be set aside for those students that do not have the internet and loaned a laptop that could be used by future students. (Of course this could be applied to all subjects where there is a shortage of teachers and a number of students who are interested.)

Tom Craig, Riverview


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