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The American flag on the SS Dennis Sullivan flaps in the wind while putting in near the port of Cleveland.
The American flag on the SS Dennis Sullivan flaps in the wind while putting in near the port of Cleveland. [ GUS CHAN | ]
Published Jul. 28

Saving us from ourselves?

DeSantis and allies are trampling on our First Amendment rights | Column, July 25

Thank you, Gov. Ron DeSantis, for restricting my First Amendment rights and basic human freedoms. Too many of these public liberties undoubtedly limit your ability to advance your wise restrictive agenda on us ordinary citizens.

Your anti-protest bill (HB 1) tried to criminalize the protected speech of thousands of law-abiding Floridians, charging them with offenses committed by total strangers — a pure stroke of genius. How unfortunate that this part of the bill was ruled unconstitutional!

HB 7, your educational censorship bill, wisely limits what teachers can discuss about race and gender discrimination in our society. Why do schoolchildren need to know about American slavery, segregation and Jim Crow? How can women and African-Americans be kept in their place if they know how they were so cruelly treated in the past?

And thanks to your ingenious “don’t say gay” bill (HB 1557) teachers cannot address LGBTQ+ issues freely in schools. We certainly would not want that. How better to stigmatize and isolate these children.

Stephen Feldman, Apollo Beach

I’ll keep my ride

The upside-down logic of big electric SUVs | Column, July 26

Columnist Holman W. Jenkins Jr. makes several impassioned points regarding large electric vehicles — some good and some far off target. He is right that a carbon tax is a powerful incentive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But it’s shortsighted to do that to the exclusion of advancing EVs.

It’s common knowledge that emerging technologies start out inefficient and then improve in design, performance and manufacturing as they achieve wide acceptance. This is true for EVs and EV batteries just as was for computers, solar panels and even internal combustion engines.

Big, flashy EVs excite the market, but I don’t like them. I prefer my Chevy Volt. However, if they promote EV adoption and better, more efficient vehicles and their batteries, bring them on.

Eric Gerard, Largo

Do as they say

US economy sending mixed signals: Here’s what it all means | July 26

We Americans are being told to sacrifice our way of life in the name of renewable energy and that our economy is in a period of “transition,” not a recession. Will the John Kerrys and Nancy Pelosis of the world do the same by “sacrificing” their private jets, their limousines and their overall lifestyles as we are being told to do?

Pam McAloon, Palm Harbor


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