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Gov. Ron DeSantis
Gov. Ron DeSantis [ DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD | Tampa Bay Times ]
Published Aug. 1

The real pocketbook issues

Governor plans to fight “woke ideology” of PayPal and other Financial Services | July 28

The governor opines that banks, credit cards and money transfers “should not be colluding with one another to marginalize people they have political disagreements with. That is not the way you can run an economy effectively.” Indeed. Perhaps the governor should heed his own advice. Whatever happened to the Republican tenet of less government overreach and free capital markets? I’ll wait.

And incoming Florida House Speaker Paul Renner calls this a “pocketbook issue”? No, affordable housing and rising property insurance costs are examples of real pocketbook issues that demand attention for many Floridians. These Republicans should get to work instead of grandstanding on fake issues.

Suzanne Smithweck, Largo

An open discussion

The pure Orwellian double-speak of Gov DeSantis’ ‘Stop Woke’ act | Column, July 29

I agree there is no individual freedom in Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new legislation and regulation called “Individual Freedom.” It is DeSantis’ interpretation of individual freedom, which in actuality is his political philosophy dictating what your personal freedoms are. What ideas should be discussed in classrooms should be up to schools’ curriculum, not politicians. Classrooms should be areas for open discussion of controversial topics. Help us if this man tries to lead the nation.

Maureen Ozols, Wesley Chapel

Don’t ignore this

Fla: Ignore gender guidance Title IX | July 29

The newly appointed state secretary of education is now sending letters to all school districts to ignore federal gender guidance as interpreted under the Title IX law. Schools have been told to “disregard ‘And Justice for All’ " posters. If that isn’t enough to signal that we are not living in a democratic republic in the state and make sure voters go to the polls in November and change the elected roster, I don’t know what is. Title IX is a law, and rule of law applies.

Carol Hess, Hudson

Moderation in no things

Crist for Democrats | Editorial recommendation, July 29

The Tampa Bay Times Editorial Board referenced “moderate Republicans” in its recommendation of Charlie Crist as the Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate. As a former, 40-plus years “moderate Republican,” I can say in today’s GOP, moderates are extinct. This is the party that just voted against health care for veterans (I am an Army veteran) as a punitive measure because Republicans were outmaneuvered. The inmates are running the asylum.

Terrence S. Callahan, Crystal Beach


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