The July letter of the month: Where is women’s rage? | Letters
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Published Aug. 6

Where is women’s rage?

July letter of the month

If men kill because they are full of rage, why don’t women? What do we do with our rage? Rage has become a defining aspect of our culture — a culture that prizes women’s silence and docility. Rage in men is a destructive rage. It is based on emotional repression, lack of empathy, is fueled with jealousy and glorified in violence promoted as entertainment and sports.

There are women who have been used and abused, ignored and unloved. Women who have been passed around and discarded, feeling alone and valueless. What do they do with their hurt and their anger? Women’s rage doesn’t go away. It buries itself under the expectation of passivity, maternity, compassion and maturity.

Some women transfer their anger onto their children through abuse. Some cut themselves, to remind themselves they are still among the living. Some harm themselves through substance abuse to have moments of forgetfulness.

Do they stock weapons secretly, the deadlier the better, troll public places, see enemies wherever they go? Do they fantasize about deathly revenge on perfect strangers and children? Do they even imagine mass murder? No, those who do that are men.

When a newborn child lies in its parents’ arms, do they say, “Someday you will be so angry that you will kill?” Or do they look to themselves as the examples of what they hope their child will become? Do they know that their footsteps are real to follow in? Or do they look away and hope for the best?

Carol Moyle, St. Petersburg

A duty to disobey

DeSantis removes Hillsborough County State Attorney | Aug. 5

Recently fired Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren is in good company. Many wise leaders argued people have a duty not to follow unjust laws: Henry David Thoreau, Martin Luther King Jr. and Thomas Jefferson among them.

Anne L. Hall, St. Petersburg

Follow the law

DeSantis removes Hillsborough County State Attorney | Aug. 5

Goodbye Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren. This is what happens when you refuse to uphold the law and are soft on crime. I want Gov. Ron DeSantis to keep up the great work.

Kit Werremeyer, Valrico


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