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Here’s what readers are saying in Tuesday’s letters to the editor.
The cost of rent has risen and created an affordability crisis for many Tampa Bay residents.
The cost of rent has risen and created an affordability crisis for many Tampa Bay residents.
Published Aug. 16

Landlords have bills, too

Disputing the price of fighting evictions | Aug. 14

I am speaking from a landlord’s perspective, and I found that this story was heartfelt and informative. It’s a horrific feeling when I’m faced with the plight of a family being evicted from one of my rental homes or apartments. But, as this story points out, in these cases landlords can lose months of rental income when a tenant is unable to abide by their lease agreement. This situation has two sides to review. One, where a tenant can live months for free while the process runs its course, and the other, are thousands of lost dollars for a landlord who often has mortgage payments and other bills to potentially miss themselves. Sometimes there just isn’t a clear answer to this exploding problem. However, I feel it is only getting worse.

Mike Merino, Tampa

There’s a better way

Moffitt project rejected | Aug. 13

As a property appraiser, I’m fully aware of the need for affordable housing. However, I’m disgusted that St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch would prevent a Moffitt cancer research facility because of low-cost housing. No developer should be forced to include affordable housing in the middle of downtown where land has recently sold for $10 million an acre. This would essentially make the property worth less and therefore generate less tax revenue. It’s more prudent to allow development that would result in the highest taxable value, then the use the additional tax revenue for more affordable housing in a more affordable location — not the most expensive location.

Johnny Greene, St. Petersburg

A limited search for election fraud

Utility helped bankroll GOP win | Aug. 14

Let me just come out and state what I believe is obvious: Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Office of Election Crimes and Security will only go after alleged illegal election activities that may have benefitted Florida Democrats. I don’t think that the governor has any intention of interfering with big, powerful Republican-friendly corporate donors.

Brian Walkowiak, St. Petersburg

The secret health care plan

Editorial cartoon | Aug. 14

When examining the effectiveness of Donald Trump’s presidential term, we often forget that he promised a comprehensive, less-costly health insurance plan fin the first two weeks of his presidency. That plan never materialized.

Shelley Foster, Clearwater


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