In Florida, ‘more’ freedom certainly feels like less to me | Letters
Here’s what readers are saying in Thursday’s letters to the editor.
Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at the "Keep Florida Free Tour" at Milander Center for the Arts & Entertainment in Hialeah on Aug. 23.
Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at the "Keep Florida Free Tour" at Milander Center for the Arts & Entertainment in Hialeah on Aug. 23. [ AL DIAZ/ADIAZ@MIAMIHERALD.COM | Miami Herald ]
Published Sep. 1

Less is really more

The pure Orwellian double-speak of Gov. DeSantis’ ‘Stop Woke’ act | Column, July 29

I am baffled by the rhetoric I hear from Florida Republicans about how “free” the citizens of Florida are thanks to Gov. Ron DeSantis. Every day as I read the news, it is one story after another about how Florida politicians are making choices for us and for our children. The party of “less” government is now deciding for me when I can have an abortion, the amount of medical marijuana my doctor can prescribe, what books our children read, regulating gender preference and last, but not least, how history is taught. This is the same party that flies “don’t tread on me” flags. So how come I feel tread upon? In reality, we are less free and more regulated than ever. Instead of worrying about being “woke,” I wish Floridians would “wake” up.

Sandy Kneen, Dunedin

Glad they can read at all

Florida schools grapple with new laws on library books, gender issues | Aug. 26

I think that the idea of banning books is as crazy as are some of those who promote it. I am just happy that the kids can read at all in this day and age. They certainly can’t write or spell — and they don’t know history. I’m glad I’m old. I wouldn’t want to be a young person trying to survive in this mess.

Sharon Jones, Valrico

Surgical precision

Some Florida hospitals halting treatment for trans youth | Aug. 31

So if surgical treatment for a transgender youth is to be prohibited or deemed illegal, what about a woman’s breast enlargement surgery? Isn’t such surgery — a “boob job” — its own kind of “gender affirmation”? Or would it become illegal, too?

R. Bennett, Tampa

Lies can kill

Let’s not ban ideas we don’t like. Let’s confront them instead. | Aug. 31

I thought maybe columnist Gary Abernathy might make some sense for a change. He started out pretty sensibly, but quickly descended into illegitimate “whataboutism.” Lies matter. Just one example: A lie was told about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died in the resulting war. Everything should be done to punish lies. Abernathy seems remarkably blase about the consequences, and the menace of them. His attitude seems to be all about falsely rehabilitating Donald Trump, or minimizing his alleged crimes.

Steve Douglas, St. Petersburg


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