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Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Published Sep. 2

Thank the Iron Lady

The man who almost made Russia democratic | Column, Sept. 1

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s prime minister from 1979 to 1990, with whom President Ronald Reagan had a special relationship, met with Mikhail Gorbachev in 1984. It was she who determined that the West and the new Soviet leader “can do business together,” an opinion she shared with America’s 40th president. Reagan heard her loud and clear and adjusted his aggressive anti-Soviet posture in recognition of the emerging reforms. Together, he and Gorbachev forged a bond which lead to arms control and a winding down of the Cold War. Kudos to the Iron Lady for setting the wheels in motion.

Jane Irani, Tampa

Equity for all

Biden cancels billions in student debt. Now the hard work | Editorial, Aug. 26

It’s plain to see that President Joe Biden is using his selective student loan forgiveness as a way to secure future votes and support. This decision is not economically good for for the country with all the fiscal issues at hand. And what about those people who took out a student loan and then repaid it in full? What’s right is right and what’s fair is fair, so the president should start acting like a leader who is equitable to all.

Ralph Barr, Tampa

A secure border

My party left me | Letter, Aug. 31

Oh, how I feel the letter writer’s pain, except I stand on the opposite side of his fence. I just mailed in my voter’s notice to the supervisor of elections. After 45 years as a super-voting Democrat, I switched to no-party affiliation. Every time I see a news report about our southern border I grow ill. Donald Trump was right: If our border is not secure, then we have no country. Yes, liberal immigration policy is right because zero Americans will sweat picking produce or re-roofing a building. On the other hand, it is insane to allow hundreds of thousands of people who are scared of or disgruntled with their native countries to pour into ours. Are Democrats stupid enough to think such policies place no burden on our economy or infrastructure, much less our safety net for the poor?

David A. Eaton Sr., St. Petersburg

Safety, not control

Where Crist/DeSantis stand | Aug. 31

Why does the Tampa Bay Times continue to use the term “gun control” in articles about gun violence and gun policy? “Gun safety” is so much more accurate and so much less inflammatory.

Elizabeth Corwin, Tampa


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